Two Classics, in Pictures


Sig Sauer’s P239 carried in a Galco FLETCH holster. Two classics, perfectly paired up, for duty or civilian concealed carry. Yep, that’s premium saddle leather and it’s available in tan or black.

galco4 copy

Galco’s FLETCH (retail $109.95) offers a high ride in a traditional belt slide format. A thin, form-fitting profile and double-stitched seams mean better concealment and long-term durability.


The P239’s single stack design means very easy to hide stocks. Yet they’re easy to grasp when the gun is carried in the FLETCH. The holster’s thumb break is in the perfect location for a natural push from the thumb to break it open and draw. These holsters are hand molded and the retention strap is customized for whatever gun you’re carrying.


FLETCH’s sight channel does its job and the holster extends about a quarter inch beyond the P239’s muzzle, protecting it from the inevitable dings and bangs of everyday carry. I love shooting the P239 but I love carrying it as well. This gun in this holster works best for me at 4 o’clock.


While the P239 isn’t the lightest gun you can carry, it rides easily because the FLETCH’s robust belt loops draw all that beautiful leather snug against your body. They’ll fit belts up to 1-3/4″. The back side of the holster is featureless, save for some holster information, and so it’s functional and comfortable. Note the metal tab on the thumb break. This provides the leverage for your thumb to easily and quickly unsnap and draw.

— Mark Kakkuri

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