TruGlo Sights Provide Critical Edge

In The Dark Places, TruGlo Sights Provide Critical Edge

By Dave Workman

When it comes to handgun sights, increasing numbers of experienced shooters have discovered the advantage of tritium “night sights.”

When it comes to rugged dependability, many would have to search hard to find a better model than the TruGlo Tritium Pro. There are no batteries to fuss with or worry about, they don’t need to be switched on and off, and when other accessories might fail, these tritium sights deliver the goods.

Tritium is a gas that glows in the dark. It is housed in tiny “lamps” inserted into the body of the sight, which is made of steel. The technology has been around for years, and the sights just seem to get better as the calendar turns.

The guys who designed these sights are definitely aware of the kinds of conditions people can encounter on the streets. The Tritium Pro sights feature what they call a Fortress Finish. It’s a permanent protective coating that seems tough enough to stack up to all kinds of weather, including rain, sleet, snow, heat and dust.

TruGlo Tritium Pro sights are used by law enforcement, private security and a lot of armed citizens. They work on the streets, in dimly lit homes, on indoor gun ranges and outdoors in low light conditions.

The front sight features a Focus Lock ring for even faster sight acquisition in the daylight as well as the dark. The rear sight has a U-notch design and it has an angled front edge that aids in one-hand emergency slide operation.

An added bonus: these sights won’t require the purchase of a new leather, nylon or Kydex holster either.

Best of all, the TruGlo Tritium Pro is assembled here in the USA with Swiss Tritium for maximum brightness, something nobody appreciates until they need it. And with an MSRP of $108.00, they’ll fit just about everyone’s budget.

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