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Law Enforcement And Tactical

By Carolee Anita Boyles

The atmosphere in the Tactical & Law Enforcement section of the SHOT Show was less intense than previous years as buyers from L.E. agencies and the military crowded in with distributors and independent retailers to see what was new at the law enforcement and tactical exhibitors.

“It’s like there was a sigh of relief this year,” said Casey Burke, owner of Southern Guns in Longwood, Fla. “The pricing and the rebates were the best I’ve seen in the six years my store has been around. I think a lot of the manufacturers held onto their inventory because they expected a Democratic win, and now they’re incentivizing pricing.”


Safety Harbor KES MPX


Frontier Tactical ST-15 Warlock

Firearms & Accessories

Burke found Frontier Tactical’s War Lock multiple caliber system particularly interesting.

“It’s a pretty unique system,” he said. “Frontier sponsors the University of Florida shooting team, and the shooters can go from a short barrel all the way out to an 18-inch barrel in just few seconds. It gives them quite an advantage.”

What makes the system unique, according to Burke, is the connector that goes between the receiver and the barrel. The War Lock replaces the barrel nut on almost any MSR-style rifle. This allows the user to remove and install barrels without tools.

“You can change out about 90 different calibers,” Burke noted. “They’re doing .50 Beowulf, .458 SOCOM and a lot of other calibers for the MSR platform lower.”

Burke saw a lot more companies making MSR-style platforms this year.

“Everyone is trying to tackle a piece of the market,” he observed. “Ruger introduced theirs last year, and now Springfield has the Saint.”

Jerry Holland, director of sales at Haze Gray Tactical in Roanoke, Texas, said the biggest thing he saw was stocks made specifically to allow California shooters to use their uppers in the state. FightLite Industries in one manufacturer that makes this kind of a stock, but Holland said he saw other small companies working with the same concept.

“The lower has a traditional rifle stock look to it,” he said. “But it accepts MSR-style uppers and magazines.” Safety Harbor Firearms has a new sliding compact entry stock for the SIG SAUER MPX.

“It’s all steel and aluminum on small diameter rods, which fit real close and tight to the sides of the receiver,” said Walter Keller, Safety Harbor Firearms president. “When they extend fully out, they give a 13.5-inch length of pull, more like an A2 stock, so you’re not all crouched up.”

Samson Manufacturing has a new SX Series of handguards.

“It has a smaller inside and outside diameter than our current Evolution Series,” stated National Sales Director Andrew Dreher. “There’s an M-Lok version as well as a Keymod version. They come in 7-, 9-, 10-, 11-, 12- and 15-inch sizes.”


Steiner M830r


Armament Technology has added a new battery configuration to its Specter line.

“With changes in battery technology, we’ve been able to go with a more economical and available battery, with a longer battery life,” said company President Ted Milner. “So all the products on the DR line have been updated with new batteries. They’re the same products except for this change.”
Steiner has introduced a new set of military rangefinding binoculars — with a range out to 6,000 yards.

“We also have our 1-4×24 P4Xi, a new tactical riflescope,” said Steiner Repair Manager Josh Lawley.


Peak Beam Systems Maxa Beam Searchlight

Lighting The Way

First-Light USA has a series of lights that offer hands-free integration with both long guns and pistols without physically attaching to the weapon.
“Ninety-five percent of the time, when you need your light it’s for an everyday task like changing a tire or taking out the garbage. But in full-blown tactical operations you may need infrared or high-output white light, whether that’s for law enforcement, military or just hunting. We have products from 155 lumens to those pushing 700 lumens of white light,” said Richard Gardner, director of sales.

Scott Leightner, regional sales manager for FoxFury Lighting Solutions, said the company’s lights have all been updated and upgraded to provide the brightest retrofittable shield lights available for level IIIA riot shields.

“We also have a new shield light specific for riot shields,” he shared. “And we have the new Rugo; it’s a GoPro-mounted lighting tool and can be used on drones to assess a situation or find a suspect.”

Peak Beam Systems is offering lightweight handheld rechargeable searchlight systems.

“Our searchlights are rated at 12-million candlepower with a motorized beam width adjustment and a strobe,” said Annie Thorne, director of sales and marketing. “New for this year, we have a lithium iron phosphate battery with a fuel gauge, so users can see how much they have left in their battery.”


Burris Signature HD Binoculars

Everything Else

Paul Davidson, owner of Davidson’s Firearms in Henderson, Nev., liked some of the vehicles on display.

“I’m sure the Las Vegas Fire and Police Departments would love to get ahold of some of the new carrier trucks,” he opined. “There was a Dodge and a Ford, some really beefy trucks. It looked like there was room for a 6-man squad in the Ford.”

Dummies Unlimited makes training more realistic for officers

“We provide everything from edged weapons to rescue dummies, live-fire targets and anything else first-responder based,” said Nicolas Tanzini, product development specialist. “Our dummies are human-simulated training aids. One of the issues in L.E. is officers sometimes get injured when they’re training. So we developed dummies to stand up to full-speed takedowns and handcuffs, and this gets departments away from injured officers and workers’ comp cases.”

New exhibitor Eastern Beacon has developed an all-in-one double rifle carrier called the Tactical Deployment Pack, which lets officers carry everything in one bag.

“It’s a double rifle bag with a detachable helmet carrier,” described company owner Ron Weaver. “You also can carry your rifle mags and pistol mags, your gas mask and housing, and two long guns. You can access the long guns individually. The Tactical Deployment Pack has backpack straps so you can carry it on your back. It also has military applications.”

At Ontario Knife Company, sales and marketing specialist Matthew Catanese showed a new series of fixed-blade knives.

“We have a synthetic rubber handle that are phosphate coated for Spec Plus Alpha,” he said. “Then we have a stainless steel Hunt Plus knife — all made in the USA from the handle to the blade.”

Peerless Handcuffs has offered a lightweight cuff for the past couple of years.

“It’s about half the weight of a normal handcuff,” shared Chris Gill, company president. “It takes weight off the duty belt, which is a big concern now for a lot of police officers.”

SBR Ammunition is producing a new .44 AutoMag round.

“We’re supporting a company that’s reintroducing a .44 AutoMag, and we’re working with them on the ammunition aspect of it. The company is AutoMag Inc.,” stated Buddy Singleton, company president.

Jeanelle Westrom, owner of Davenport Gun in Davenport, Iowa, liked much of what she saw at Real Avid.

“The cleaning stuff and tools really caught my attention,” she said. “Real Avid has a gadget called a Gun Boss, their version of the BoreSnake. It comes in a package you can use as part of the cleaning system, so you have a T-handle to pull it through the barrel instead of having to wind it around your hand and pull it out.”

Westrom said Real Avid also had carbon-cutting tools for ARs.

“They had bushing tools,” she said. “Pretty much everything they had, I loved and ordered.”

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