Today Is Our Golden Age

By Shari LeGate

At the beginning of a new point in the history of time, we sometimes have a tendency to get melancholy. January 1, 2020 marked the start of a new point, specifically a new decade, prompting the remembrance of days gone by. Coming off SHOT Show though, I’m happy to report I heard a lot of positive comments and an overall feeling of optimism for 2020 and this new, upcoming decade.

But in the midst of all the good cheer and upbeat attitudes, I still heard many stories about “the good ’ol days”. After I listened to a few, I started asking people: “When, where and what were the ‘good ’ol days’ of the firearms industry?”

Depending on who I asked, answers ranged from experienced writers such as Skeeter Skelton, Elmer Keith and Charlie Askins versus today’s online bloggers, to the “Mad Men” days of advertising versus the agencies of today doing everything by the numbers. Some brought up the SHOT Show itself — when it was fun, not so stringent and a whole lot less expensive. Some talked about the Clinton and Obama years when sales skyrocketed. Others brought up the days of lesser-degree gun control, or when the purchase of firearms and accessories was simpler. Interestingly enough though, no one said today.

“A golden age is what we make it, so let’s make our golden age today — right now — and not wait for the passing of years and memories to reflect upon it.”

The movie “Midnight in Paris” came to mind. The lead character, when describing a nostalgic antique store said, “Its products consisted of memories: what was prosaic and even vulgar to one generation had been transmuted by the mere passing of years to a status of once magical and also camp.” Okay … it’s a bit theatrical and over-written, but hear me out.

The point being made was different generations long for different “good ’ol days.” People’s best eras, their best times, are what they remember as their “golden age.” I think what’s missed when bringing up “the good ’ol days” is those days are what we made them, which is why we’re drawn to them. What we sometimes fail to remember is any time can become dull and boring, whether it’s back then or in the moment of today, if it’s not what we want it to be. So the best thing to do is take hold of the actual “present” of today and embrace it.

A golden age is what we make it, so let’s make our golden age today — right now — and not wait for the passing of years and memories to reflect upon it. We have great writers today such as Mike “Duke” Venturino, Will Dabbs, MD, John Taffin and Dave Anderson. And yes, we do business differently than the “Mad Men” of the ’60s. The creation of social media has made us change how we think and disburse your messages, but our advertising sales staff still get them out using all the tools available to them — and they do it well.

All this doesn’t mean we can’t have a golden age. In fact, I feel our golden age is today, right now at the start of this new decade. There is no doubt in my mind years from now there will be a group of people standing around reflecting back on these times saying, “Yep, those were the good ’ol days.”

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