The Patented Crossbreed Holster

The United States Patent office has issued a patent for the Crossbreed Supertuck® holster. This patent will include several other inside the waistband holsters crafted by CrossBreed® Holsters including the MiniTuck®, QwikClip, Appendix Carry and MicroClip.

CrossBreed® Holsters continues the tradition and process of hand-molding and hand crafting by craftsmen personally trained by Mark Craighead. The company’s craftsmen continually pass on these skills, tradition and attention to detail to the new generation of the craftsmen who join the company. Each holster that is crafted by CrossBreed® is specifically made for the customer and is recognized by the personalization of their name being written on the back of the holster.

CrossBreed® Holsters also holds a patent for the Bedside Backup, a home defense product.

For more information, visit Crossbreed’s website.

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