The New Norm

After reviewing the August NICS data, it is clear that firearm sales are significantly down. Dealers seem to be filling their inventory back up, but the sale of product is not there.

Ammo shortage is still a major issue as many ranges report they no longer have waiting lists. Many are concerned that the new buyers are losing interest and moving on.

There is some mildly good news; however. Dealers who are marketing are doing better than the NICS numbers show. The ranges that do have ammo seem to be holding onto folks. September is typically the last of the slow months for summer. The “New Norm” is beginning to shape up to be ahead of the “Old,” original norm before the buildup.

The key I am hearing from dealers all over the country is maintaining relevancy with this “new buyer” group and, of course, having ammo to shoot.

Miles E. Hall, Founder & President
H & H Shooting Sports Complex
Oklahoma City, Okla.

No Basis In Fact

I’m surprised you published Frank Tobias’ letter regarding the ammo shortage (“Ammo Shortage,” Letters, September 2013). It’s obvious he got it from an Internet blog that floated around a few months ago and has absolutely no basis in fact at all.

Because of fear of then-upcoming government regulations (that never came to pass), the general public bought more guns and ammo in less time than ever before. Ammo was hoarded out of fear of unavailability. Homeland security did not order billions of rounds of ammo, nor did it order 140,000 machine guns or 40,000 armored vehicles.
Geoff Miller, Managing Director
Fanstream Inc.
Paso Robles, Calif.

The most surprising aspect of the letter, actually, was the lack of an explanation as to why I decided to give it space in Shooting Industry. That explanation, because of my error, never made it into print. After receiving numerous, similar letters that “blamed” the government for the ammo shortage, I selected Mr. Tobias’s letter in hopes of addressing — and debunking — this silliness. These types of government conspiracy theories make for great blogosphere banter, but that’s the extent of their entertainment value. They are not true.

We have devoted a lot of space to what manufacturers are doing to address the shortage of ammunition, including the June article, “In Search of Ammo.” You can read the article in our all-digital edition. Visit
Thank you for your letter, Mr. Miller. I received many others questioning the wisdom of printing the letter, many of them not so polite as yours.

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All letters above published in The November 2013 Issue Of Shooting Industry.

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