The Highly Dedicated Personal-Defense Customer

The highly dedicated personal-defense gun owner is the dream customer for a retail gun shop. For these customers, a weekly visit to your establishment is not uncommon — and often, it’s more than once a week. From the personal defensive side of the firearms market, this clientele will have certain distinguishing features.

They read in this field, both print and electronic media. They’re aware of new products as soon as they’re officially announced, and sometimes sooner. Their interest piqued, they want to handle those products — and if they like them, they buy.

To cater to this segment, stay in touch with the manufacturers’ reps. Between reps and your wholesale suppliers, you want to be “the first on your block” to have new products. While you and I might wish to first determine whether the new stuff works or not, a whole lot of gun buyers don’t agree with that philosophy. They want to buy the new gun, and if they want to have it first, they’ll buy it from the first dealer who can deliver.

This particular clientele is constantly searching for something better — for instance, a hollow point personal-defense round that expands more reliably than what’s currently in their carry gun or home-defense gun. Be the one who can supply that. Case in point is Federal, which has at last brought out a moderate-recoil #1 buckshot load with their Flite-Control wad. This extends the range of the buckshot charge by keeping the pattern tighter.
By Massad Ayoob

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