The Gold Standard

Federal Takes Some of the Recoil
Out of Competition-Class Shotshells

By Payton Miller

Whenever I wanted to really see how well a particular .308 rifle shot, I’d go with Federal Gold Medal Match. Shotgunners who are good enough to notice the difference have used Gold Medal shotshells.

Federal’s latest, Gold Medal Grand, boasts the same competition-class bona fides, but with reduced recoil, thanks to a two-piece SoftCell wad.

It features an air pocket within the wad, which functions essentially as a “cushioning chamber” according to Federal’s Dan Compton.

“This not only absorbs energy, it delays the compression process, so the force hits your shoulder a little later and a little softer.”

Currently, 12-gauge shot loads for the Grand line are 1 or 1-1/8-ounce. Shot sizes are No. 8 and No. 7-1/2. Velocities range from 1,100 fps (Extra-Lite), to 1,200 fps, up to 1,245 fps (Handicap)

Federal Premium Gold Medal Grand. Performance to
match the packaging—and with reduced recoil.

The packaging is pretty distinctive as well. When you’re scanning the shelves, you aren’t going to miss that white box with the black and gold highlights. And those 2-3/4-inch shotshells themselves are white with black and gold lettering. You won’t mistake them for anything else either.

The MSRP is $10.95 per box. A bit high for a high-volume dove shoot, but if a championship’s on the line? Well-within “spec.” Especially when you factor in the felt recoil reduction.

It’s one thing to put up with a bit of kick in the field or during an informal clay target session with friends. But if you’re shooting several hundred rounds in the course of a day or three, it can add up enough to throw you off your game.

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