The Go-Anywhere Kel-Tec P3AT

I’ve carried this gun inside the waistband, inside the jeans pocket, inside a jacket pocket, in the inside pocket of a sport coat. Sometimes I use a holster, sometimes I carry it with (gasp!) just the attached clip. Due to its diminutive size, it goes just about anywhere, hiding easily. But being so small and light in weight, it is a bit more difficult to shoot than a larger gun. And therein lies the tradeoff: hide-ability vs. shoot-ability.

You know about this gun. This is Kel-Tec’s P3AT (pronounced P380) and its specs are impressive, at least in terms of how big is isn’t:

Caliber: .380ACP

Weight Unloaded: 8.3 oz.

Magazine Capacity: 6

Overall Length: 5.2”

Barrel Length: 2.7”

Height: 3.5”

Width: 0.77”

Trigger Pull: 5 lbs.

MSRP: $338.18


If it were any smaller it would simply be too difficult to manipulate properly. And it would be difficult to draw and present, too. When you have it hand, however, there’s seemingly nothing to it. When you shoot it, it fires every time and snaps just a little bit. There’s no last shot hold-open so keep count of how many rounds you fire…


The P3AT serves very well as a backup or deep-cover gun. If your dress code makes typical concealed carry holstering impossible, you can put the P3AT inside the waistband of your pants, shirt tucked in, with the clip over your pants but under your belt and your shirt pulled out or draped out a little. It hides well at 3 o’clock in such a configuration and is a bit difficult to draw, but you’ll at least have something to defend yourself with.


Tiny guns like the the P3AT are go anywhere guns but often with some sort of compromise. How much would you give up in order to carry a gun just about anywhere on your person?

— Mark Kakkuri


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