Texas Shooting Center Offers Unique Experience

The Sportsman Shooting Center became the “first indoor hunting shooting center in the country” when it opened its doors in September in Grapevine, Texas. The fully-enclosed indoor training center allows shooters to practice dynamic hunting scenarios inside an air-conditioned, live-fire cinema range using their own rifle and ammunition.

“Sportsman Shooting Center will quickly become an important asset in providing hunting and firearms safety training in the state of Texas,” said Brian Lisankie, Aimpoint Holding president, pointing to its innovative layout.

The center occupies a new 9,000-square-foot range facility that boasts a 100-yard underground sighting tunnel, allowing customers to zero their rifles and optics with electronic target scoring.

“This unique facility provides a fun and exciting experience for everyone — from the absolute beginner to the expert preparing for an international hunt. Since it is possible to modify the program to match the capabilities and needs of any shooter, we can offer a safe and enjoyable experience to anyone with an interest in hunting and shooting,” Lisankie said. “We are very proud to bring this advanced technology to the USA.”

The center also offers an interactive SimTarget training simulator, which uses a non-firing replica firearm fitted with an eye-safe laser emitter. This system allows an instructor to actively monitor and refine a shooter’s form for greater accuracy.

Aimpoint says this is the first live-fire cinema projection range in the U.S., permitting hunters to practice their skills on a wide variety of realistic hunting scenarios, offering targets that range from whitetail deer to African game. The scenarios are projected on a 12×30-foot screen with computerized scoring, and shooters can use their own rifle and ammunition.

For customers who don’t own their own rifles, the center rents Blaser R8 rifles and sells Norma ammunition in all major hunting calibers. Aimpoint sights are also available.

The Sportsman Shooting Center is strategically located just minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, making this location easily accessible to visitors from outside the area.

To learn more about this unique range, visit www.sportsmanshootingcenter.com,
and take a video tour of the live-fire cinema range.

The new Sportsman Shooting Center presents different
hunting scenarios on its live-fire cinema range.

Miles and Jayne Hall founded H&H Shooting Sports Complex in 1981.

H&H Shooting Sports Complex Repeats As “Fastest Growing”

In a continuation of its stellar growth in the shooting sports retail world, H&H Shooting Sports Complex, located in Oklahoma City, Okla., was named one of the nation’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine for the seventh straight year.

“As an Inc. 5000 honoree, H&H Shooting Sports Complex now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Clif Bar, Pandora, Patagonia, Oracle and dozens of other notable alumni,” said Eric Schurenberg, Inc. editor-in-chief. “In addition to H&H Shooting Sports Complex, the 2013 list added such powerhouses as Alex and Ani, LivingSocial, Bojangles, OtterBox and KT Tape. H&H, welcome to a very exclusive club.”

In business since 1981, H&H has reshaped the way the shooting sports are marketed to consumers. The operation now boasts more than 120 staff team members and continues to grow.

“Inc. is an impressive and important publication, so this is an honor to our operation and the shooters of our area,” said Miles Hall, H&H founder and president.

Congratulations Miles and Jayne Hall, and everyone at H&H.

To tour the H&H complex, visit www.shootingsports.com.

LaserMax’s Native Green laser is now available
in Guide Rod Lasers for a variety of Glock models.

LaserMax Guide Rod Laser For Glock Goes Green

LaserMax recently launched the first green Guide Rod Laser for Glocks. The green Guide Rod Laser joins LaserMax’s well-established line of red Guide Rod Lasers for popular semiautos.

Incorporating LaserMax Native Green laser technology, the new Guide Rod Laser offers all the intelligent design features, reliability and ease of use of the original red Guide Rod Laser with the added advantage of enhanced visibility under daylight shooting conditions. The initial product offering will equip most full-size and compact Glock models.

“The Guide Rod Laser is the smallest and most robust laser to enter the market,” said Kurt Worden, LaserMax vice president of commercial sales. “Now with the enhanced visibility of green over red — paired with native green’s stability over a broad range of temperatures and maximized battery life — there is no better laser sight available today.”

The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight system replaces the factory spring guide and recoil spring with a “ruggedized laser assembly” that incorporates the diode, electronics and battery source. Because it is housed completely within the firearm, installation of the sight does not restrict holster choice or effect grip ergonomics in any way.

The first green Guide Rod models offered will be compatible with a variety of Glock models.

For more information, visit lasermax.com.
By J.K. Autry

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