Survey Reveals Ways to Boost Range Membership

Range and club owners, do you want to boost your membership numbers? A recent study conducted by Southwick Associates shows range and shooting club owners are missing out on opportunities to attract new members.

Nearly 3,500 shooting enthusiasts responded to the survey, with only 26 percent belonging to a shooting range or sporting clays club. The top reasons for not purchasing memberships included 37 percent who said they aren’t interested, 27 percent who said it’s too expensive and 25 percent who said they go to another range that is open to the public or free.

Other responses included about 5 percent who said the nearby ranges and clubs didn’t offer the type of shooting that interests them, and about 4 percent who said they didn’t feel welcome there.

“With more than 19 million recreational shooters in the United States, these numbers show there is a huge segment of enthusiasts that could be brought into the fold by tailoring programs and resources that might overcome their reasons for not being a member of a range or shooting club,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates.

Of the shooters who are members of ranges and sporting clays clubs, many offered ideas on how they would make their local range or club better. The most requested change was 29 percent of respondents wanting more shooting benches or target stations. About 24 percent wanted more competitions.
The study also reveals why it’s important for range and club owners to consider women and youth, as about 14 percent said they wanted more shooting benches and equipment that properly fits women and young people. Another 14 percent said they wanted cleaner restrooms, and 13 percent said they wanted better food and beverage options.

“Private clubs can offer shooters a great chance to improve their skills and increase their opportunities to enjoy a variety of shooting activities,” Southwick said.

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