Spec-ing Out Three TriStars


If you’re not familiar with TriStar pistols — especially the T-120, P-100, and C-100, you should be. Admittedly, they’ll have a familiar look about them but they’re sporting impressive features and relatively low retail prices. Here’s a quick photographic overview:


Here’s the T-120 in desert tan. It’s available in black and titanium colors, but only in 9mm. With a 4.7″ barrel, the T-120 weighs 1.88 lbs. T-120 has a 17 round capacity and double/single action. Retail $500.



P-100 weighs 2.3 lbs and sports a 3.7″ barrel. This one’s a .40 and carries 11 rounds. Retail: $490.


This C-100 is a 9mm weighing 1.53 lbs. with a 3.7″ barrel. Capacity: 15 rounds. Finished in black Cerakote, it retails for $460.

My personal favorite is the C-100. I put about 200 rounds through it and enjoyed flawless performance and exceptional accuracy. So it proved to be a serious carry gun provided I was okay with carrying it cocked and locked. Which I most certainly was.

The important thing with the C-100 is not so much the details behind its performance, but that it performed at such a high level with a retail price of only $460. Plus it felt great in hand. Fantastic execution on a classic design.

All three guns are double/single action and come with two magazines.

TriStar produces other pistols and an impressive line of shotguns. So there’s more to review and more to say. For now, though, we’ve spec-ed out these pistols… No doubt you’re yearning for more info. So take a quick moment and ask questions below or text me a question or comment to let me know your thoughts or questions on this article. If, with your comments, you include just your first name and your city and state, I’ll likely use your comment/question in a later roundup article. And no, I won’t publish your phone number! Ready? You can text me right now at 248-328-2538.

— Mark Kakkuri

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