SHOT Show 2019 Auction

A Pair Of American Pistolsmith Guild-Engraved Colts & Seven Henry-Turnbull Rifles Shine In Annual Auction

By Bob Delfay, Hunting Heritage Trust President

The pair of consecutively serial-numbered 1911s was crafted by no fewer than nine members of the American Pistolsmiths Guild (APG), representing the highest levels of skill and craftsmanship in areas including design, engraving, function and finish.

The 1911s feature consecutive serial numbers GV203452 and GV203453. Pistols with consecutive serial numbers were selected for this project to represent the continuity of the Colt-APG relationship over the years. Engraving on the pistols proudly proclaim: “The Heritage Grows” and “The Tradition Lives.”

Guild members who donated their guidance and artistry to the customization of these handguns include Daniel Batchelor, president of Powder River Precision Inc. and President of the American Gunsmiths Guild; Nighthawk Custom gunsmiths, Allen Wyatt, Travis Gregory, Bryan Chaney and Steven Cox. Robert Reeves and David Atchley of Nighthawk Custom also worked on the 1911s and both are members of the Guild 2019.

Doug Turnbull of Turnbull Restoration is a Guild member who also contributed his artistry to the project.

Roy Huntington, publisher of American Handgunner, originated the concept and kept the complicated and detail-intensive project on track.

Beginning March of 2018 at Nighthawk Custom in Berryville, Ark., members of the Pistolsmith’s Guild performed 18 separate procedures to smooth-operating 1911s.

After Nighthawk Custom completed its gunsmithing artistry, the Colts went to engraver S.R. (Steve) Fiddler, a member of the Firearms Engraver’s Guild of America. Building on the “The Heritage Grows” and “The Tradition Lives” themes, Mr. Fiddler enhanced the slides of both pistols with scroll engraving and 24-carat gold inscriptions.

The right side of each pistol features 100 percent precision scroll engraving on the slide, the Rampant Colt logo in 24-carat gold and the inscription “The Tradition Lives” engraved in 24-carat gold highlighted in a banner beneath the ejection port.

The left side of each pistol mirrors the precision scroll engraving on the right side of the slide, and features the APG logo in 24-carat gold. The inscription “The Heritage Grows” is engraved in 24-carat gold and is highlighted within an engraved banner.

Highlighting the craftsmanship and tradition of the Colts is a pair of hand-tooled belt-slide rigs (right and left) by iconic leathersmith Karla Van Horn of Purdy Gear. Huntington has often referred to Ms. Van Horn as an “American treasure.”

APG-engraved Colt 1911s with consecutive serial numbers, paired with Purdy Gear belt-slide rigs.

Seven Henry-Turnbull “President’s Collection” Rifles

Without doubt, two of the most popular and respected names among American firearm manufacturers and restorers today are Henry Repeating Arms and Turnbull Restoration.

These two iconic companies partnered to create a special series of the popular Henry Big Boy rifles finished with Turnbull Restoration’s signature world-class color-case-hardening.

For the 2019 SHOT Show rifle auction, Henry and Turnbull set aside Serial No. 1 of each of the calibers offered and engraved each with a special “President’s Collection” insignia. Serial numbers on the “President’s Collection” are HRR44001, THR45001, THR357001, THR327FEDMAG001, THR41MAG001, THR3030001 and THR4570001.

In addition to their reputation as world-class firearms manufacturers and restorers, Henry and Turnbull also top the list of SHOT Show Auction bid leaders. Between them, the companies created four special SHOT Show Auction guns generating total high bids exceeding $275,000. In 2013, a color case-hardened Turnbull TAR-10 with Serial No. TAR-000001 set the SHOT Show auction record with a high bid of $136,024. In 2018, the One-Millionth Henry H001 with Serial No. 1000000H brought a high bid $55,025.

Henry-Turnbull “President’s Collection” Rifles.

Bidding Launch Info

The SHOT Show Auction firearms will be auctioned exclusively on from Dec. 23, 2018 through Jan. 25, 2019 — the final day of SHOT Show. They will also be on display at the booth (#15147) at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.
The 2019 SHOT Show Auction is administered for the NSSF by the Hunting Heritage Trust and Youth Shooting Sports Alliance.

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