Shot Show 2018 Auction

It’s Time To Bid: One-Of-A-Kind Henry Rifle,
Ithaca Shotguns And Smith & Wesson Revolver

By Bob Delfay, Hunting Heritage Trust President

The one-millionth Henry Repeating Arms H001.22 lever action is richly engraved.

The Hunting Heritage Trust and FMG Publications have partnered with three of the most iconic names in the firearms industry to create a series of highly collectible 2018 SHOT Show Auction offerings.

The trio includes the One Millionth Henry Model H001 lever-action rifle, two 80th Anniversary Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight shotguns and a first-of-its-kind Smith & Wesson Model 29 “American Handgunner Handgun Heritage Tribute.”

One-Millionth Henry

Few firearms reach the iconic serial number “1,000,000.” When they do, the special gun is often locked away in a museum or added to the collection of a company executive. That will not be the case with the one-millionth Henry Repeating Arms H001.22 lever action. This richly engraved .22 will be featured in the month-long SHOT Show auction on, providing thousands of enthusiasts with an opportunity to view and perhaps own this historic rifle.

The first 999,999 Henry .22 lever actions featured blued receivers. This Serial Number 1,000,000 gun features a silver-finished receiver with exquisite full-coverage hand engraving by the artisans at Baron Engraving.

The right side of the receiver features the Henry logo in 24-carat gold, the serial number “1,000,000,” small game and plinking target representing the broad appeal of the .22 lever action. The left side of the receiver features a prominent “Henry” and the popular Henry slogan “Made in America or Not Made at All” in 24-carat gold.

The stock features AAA Grade American walnut, which, according to Anthony Imperato, Henry Repeating Arms president, “Is one of the most impressive pieces of American Walnut ever to leave our factory.”

Ithaca Model 37 Celebrate 80 Years

The Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight, one of the most popular pump-action shotguns of all time, achieved its 80th anniversary in 2017 and a themed pair of Model 37s have been chosen as the 2018 SHOT Show Auction Shotguns.

To memorialize the earliest days of the Model 37, Baron Engraving has recreated a 12-gauge with elaborate scroll design and classic engraving available only on the highest grade of the Model 37 in 1937. The gun features serial number “80MODEL3701.”

The second Featherlight is a presentation-grade 20-gauge with hand-engraved hunting scenes as carried on the Featherlight throughout its 80-year history. This 20-gauge features serial number “80MODEL372001.”

The American Handgunner Handgun Heritage Tribute is a S&W one-of-a-kind Model 29 Classic. Included is a Tom Threepersons
field holster from Karla Van Horn of Purdy Gear Leather. Photo by: Rob Jones, The Imagesmith LLC

American Handgunner Handgun Heritage Tribute

Smith & Wesson has created a fully engraved one-of-a-kind Model 29 Classic “American Handgunner Handgun Heritage Tribute” as the 2018 SHOT Show auction handgun.
The selection of the iconic Model 29 series from S&W and the classic .44 Magnum cartridge represent an important stepping-stone in American handgun heritage. This legendary design’s historical significance lends itself perfectly to the full coverage Class A engraving by the Custom Firearms Engraving Shop under the umbrella of the S&W Performance Center, overseen by Tony Miele.

Altamont’s bonded ivory custom grips enrich this world-class one-of-one revolver. Further enhancing the Handgun Heritage Tribute is a fully carved Tom Threepersons field holster from Karla Van Horn of Purdy Gear Leather. It evokes the spirit of the Old West, while still as timely and modern as S&W’s newest generation of Model 29 revolvers. Karla’s work has received national awards and she is considered by many to be a “national treasure.”

Bidding Set To Launch

The featured auction items can be viewed at and will be on display at the booth (#15147) at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The Hunting Heritage Trust administers the auction for the NSSF. For more information on the trust, visit

FMG Publications Supports Auction

Last year, NSSF announced FMG Publications had accepted a lead role in the SHOT Show Auction program for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

“FMG Publications has been a terrific partner in obtaining SHOT Show Auction guns from manufacturers and in publicizing the auction to our trade and consumer media,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF SVP and CMO. “We looked to FMG to lead the effort and are delighted they have accepted this role.”

“We are thrilled with this opportunity to step up our involvement and look forward to elevating this already successful program to a higher level in terms of the firearms featured and the exposure generated for the auction’s supporters,” said Randy Molde, FMG Publications VP of business development.

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