Selling More Than One Gun For Personal Defense

“Why should I buy another self-protection gun? I already have one.”

That’s a question that comes between “Why should I have a gun at all?” and “Let’s see, is it J-frame on Monday, Mini-9mm for Tuesday, 1911 for Wednesday and — oh, darn, I forgot the sequence!”

A few years ago, I was retained as an expert witness in a murder case in California. The shooting was clear-cut self-defense, but the prosecutor made a huge deal over the fact that the defendant owned what he described to the jury as “an arsenal” of seven firearms. I was able to testify that, according to reader surveys I had accessed from cooperative editors of hunting magazines, the average hunter/subscriber owned seven guns. It helped neutralize the unmeritorious attack by that particular prosecutor.

I’ve been asked more than once to come up with a basic list of what firearms make sense on a farm. It comes down to four or five at absolute minimum: high-powered rifle, shotgun, .22 rifle, centerfire handgun and perhaps the handy .22 handgun for general use. That’s minimum.

For the urban/suburban home, it’s still easy to amass a repertoire of purely defensive firearms. When I was young, it was common for armed households to have at least two handguns, a concealed carry sidearm and an often full-size home-defense pistol or revolver. Today, however, we have the well-evolved concept of the “carry rotation.”
By Massad Ayoob

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