Safety Drives Personal Defense Business

Education is a huge part of the firearm business. Gun dealers work tirelessly to educate their clientele about new products, firearm training and responsible gun ownership. Shooting-related businesses are a prime source of information and education for proper firearm storage amd every firearm purchase is also an opportunity to create lifelong habits that will prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands. By providing your customers with locks, safes, cases and purse holsters that ensure only authorized users can access a firearm, dealers are a first line of defense in keeping individuals — particularly children — safe.

One resource dealers can use to increase firearms safety awareness is Project ChildSafe. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) launched Project ChildSafe in 1999 (prior to 2003 the program was called Project HomeSafe) to provide firearms safety education to gun owners and to promote responsible firearm ownership. The program partners with law enforcement agencies to distribute free firearm safety kits to gun owners. The program has provided more than 36 million safety kits to gun owners in 50 states and five U.S. territories.

Recently, NSSF recognized Nicole Price of Warrior Tactical Firearms LLC, as a “Local Champion” for her efforts to promote firearm safety. Price was selected for her work partnering with the local Montgomery, Ala., sheriff’s department’s “Deputy Dave Day” event to bring Project ChildSafe to her community. She also partnered with the sheriff’s department to assist with their monthly firearm familiarization course, presenting a section on gun safety and storage.

Warrior Tactical, which recently relocated to the Raleigh, N.C., area, specializes in offering realistic options for personal protection. Their website states, “We have a passion for increasing safety and awareness for individuals and families, as well as helping them create protection plans for themselves, their homes and their loved ones.”

Price and her husband, Ryan, started the business after they were frustrated by the lack of family-oriented firearm training. They view safety and defense as the responsibility of everyone in a household and set out to create a business in support of this idea.

Nicole found the safety side of firearm ownership was an underserved market, and soon began to specialize in consulting with and helping the regular person find realistic and safe methods of carrying and storing firearms.

Selling Safety Storage

Many customers worry they won’t be able to quickly access a gun if it is placed in a locking storage device. Ryan addresses this problem at Warrior Tactical by demonstrating the speed and ease of the latest gun safes. “We show them the new technology and how fast the new safes are — especially the biometrics,” he said. Dealers should make demo safes available to their customers and train staff to effectively demonstrate their features.

While Ryan emphasized gun storage should be tailored to the needs of the owner, he said safes like the GunVault SpeedVault and Stack-On’s Quick Access safes are good options for most people. Liberty Safes is also expanding its biometric safe offerings with the introduction of their Home Defender Series of handgun vaults. Fingerprint scanning technology means most safes open in under a second and will recognize several different fingerprints, so an entire household can access the contents.

Price recommends a line of plastic firearm safety devices from Ammo-Safe. These plastic safe chamber indicators render firearms safe while allowing full cycling, dry-firing and holstering of the firearm. A brightly-colored flexible strip extends out of the barrel to give a huge visual safety tag, Price noted. Since this product retails for less than $10, it’s an inexpensive safety tool your customers can purchase for every firearm they own.

Purse holsters with locking zippers are another way to keep firearms away from unauthorized users. Many companies like Galco, Roma Leathers and Designer Concealed Carry Handbags offer purse holsters with a separate lockable gun compartment. The locking zipper won’t stop a determined assault by an adult, but it will keep a firearm safely away from children.

The Prices seek to provide gun owners with as much information as possible to create active and responsible shooters. Dealers should make it a top priority to share safety information and give their customers safe and secure storage options for every firearm purchased. Consider getting involved with the NSSF’s Project ChildSafe campaign. It would be a great public service event to host local law enforcement at your store and hand out the firearm safety kits and an opportunity to let the community know you are committed to firearm safety.


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By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

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  1. Ryan D. Price

    Warrior Tactical Firearms is honored to be recognized by the NSSF and Shooting Industry Magazine for our efforts in promoting firearms safety. We also could not say enough about the support we received from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Look for news soon on our plans in NC!


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