Sabre Red Bear Horn


The F-HORN-01 Frontiersman Bear Horn from SABRE Red has a 115-dB horn that can be heard up to 0.5 miles away. With periodic blasts, this bear spray accessory is a louder alternative to bear bells and alerts bears in the area — thus reducing the risk of bear attack. It’s compact (measuring 2.8 x 1.4 x 5.1 inches) and user-friendly with a one-button operation.

The FBAD-06-00 Frontiersman Bear Spray with Practice Bear Spray provides users with an opportunity to build familiarity and confidence in operating the firing mechanism in case the need arises to deploy it in during a high-stress encounter. This dual-pack comes with a 9.2 oz. can of bear spray and 7.9 oz. can of practice bear spray. The live canister delivers 1.84 oz. per burst, emptying in 5 seconds, while the practice spray emits 1.6 oz. per burst — also emptying in 5 seconds.

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