Risk-Free Gateway To Women’s Clothing Market

Across the country, shooting sports retailers struggle with the best way to serve women shooting enthusiasts. Experts agree women are key to the future of the shooting sports and a growing market. More women are heads-of-households than ever before, and women heavily influence a family’s discretionary spending.

Yet firearm manufacturers still wrestle with how to best serve women. Clothing manufacturers are caught between a woman’s desire for quality hunting clothes, and her tendency to spend money on her family before she spends it on herself.

Evidently, the women’s market isn’t the most straightforward, but it is worth pursuing — and one company is making entry into this potentially lucrative market much easier.

Próis Hunting Apparel, founded by Kirstie Pike, has established its reputation as a source of quality, high-end hunting clothing that fits a woman’s body. High-performance fabrics and functional designs set Próis apart from the competition — as do their dealer programs.

Pike recently appointed Katherine Browne to the position of dealer relations coordinator, signaling Próis’ commitment to dealer support. Browne says Próis’ dealer incentive program allows storeowners to enter into the women’s clothing market with no risk.

“The dealer incentive program has a $500 minimum order,” she said. “We really try to work with small dealers, and our exchange program is fantastic.”

Próis’ Dealer Exchange Program is a guarantee from the company that if there are sizes, camo patterns or other items that aren’t selling well, they will exchange these items — dollar for dollar — for items that will sell better. The program even extends to seasonal changes, which means if you stock up on fall hunting wear and don’t sell all of it, you can exchange the items for spring gear — at no cost to you.

“We don’t want dealers to have dead money sitting in their stores so we’ll even switch out for the season,” Browne said. “Or, if you stocked up on size large and your customers only want smalls, you can exchange the item for what sells in your store. This program takes most of the risk out of carrying women’s clothing.”

In order to ensure you and your staff have personal experience with and are knowledgeable about Próis products, the company also offers the Pro-From Program. Store employees — including spouses — can buy any Próis item at wholesale or below. Also, Próis recently set up a dealer locator listing on their website, so women can easily find your store to buy Próis products.

“Women tend to like to try things on if there is that option,” Browne said.

Stocking Próis clothing gives dealers the added benefit of being listed on a website for serious women shooters.

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