RISE Armament Enhances Retail Experience

Epicor Software introduces the general availability of the Epicor Range Management solution, as well as an array of newly integrated firearms functionality for Epicor Eagle N Series software and the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application, created in collaboration with Orchid Advisors. Epicor Range Management is an automated solution with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface built specifically for the management of gun ranges. The cloud-based tool offers real-time analytical information at a glance to assist in monitoring lane usage and berm extraction.

Epicor Range Management software is designed for optimized web-enabled mobile devices and tablets, offering employees and range officers a simple mobile solution to service more customers. Additional features include SMS texting, automatic payment management and the ability to manage liability waivers.

“Currently, the majority of firearms businesses are not using an automated solution to manage their shooting range,” said Bill Wilson, Epicor SVP, product development. “Manual processes can cause inefficiencies, safety concerns, and other unnecessary interruptions to the overall management of firearms retailers and ranges. These challenges can be resolved with our new firearms software and functionality — leading to increased sales and significant improvements to the customer experience.”

Frontier Justice, based in Lee’s Summit, Mo., recently launched FFL Compliance Manager and Eagle N Series software. Range Check-In Supervisor Rebecca Davis commented on its new functionality.

“The Epicor Range Management system is user-friendly and features easy-to-read descriptions for setting up ranges, bays and lanes, and training others on system capabilities,” she said. “Limited pop-up windows make navigation a breeze and actions are seamless from one to another. Easy-to-access buttons and shortcuts make transactions of all types efficient. It has eliminated the need to write down rentals, times or names, all while recording necessary transaction information. We are pleased with the time savings and transaction efficiency it offers our range.”

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A*B Arms BCG

American Built Arms Co. Announces BCG Dealer Program

American Built Arms Company has launched the A*B Arms Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) Dealer Program. The BCG Dealer Program is being offered to AR manufacturers of all sizes. The program allows manufacturers to purchase nickel-boron coated 5.56 BCGs direct from A*B Arms at a discount — depending upon quantities and length of blanket purchase orders.

“An AR manufacturer can now build their rifles and uppers with our legendary nickel-boron coated 5.56, Swiss machined bolt assemblies housed in nickel-boron coated bolt carriers,” shared Jason Combs, A*B Arms founder and president. “Our BCGs allow manufacturers to build their rifles and uppers with quality BCGs. Because in the end, it’s what’s inside that counts.”

The A*B Arms BCG Dealer Program provides a dependable vehicle for AR manufacturers to be guaranteed BCGs on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Those interested should contact A*B Arms at customerservice@nullabarms.com, or Adam Edelman, VP and co-owner, at (443) 310-8777 to discuss dealer options.

Visit www.abarms.com

Zenith Introduces Zenith Hero Program

Zenith Quest Corporation, through its subsidiary Zenith Firearms, and Shot Spot have jointly developed the Zenith Hero Program — providing military personnel, L.E. officers and other first responders with cost-effective access to Zenith Firearms products. This program allows these professionals to make non-departmental purchases at a substantially discounted rate.

“We are very pleased to have Shot Spot join the Zenith family, and we appreciate they have years of experience running and managing like-programs,” stated Hanri Kaya, CEO of Zenith.

“We are appreciative of all the ‘heroes’ that impact our daily lives and we want to show them our gratitude; this program is a way of doing just that,” shared John Paulk, Shot Spot CEO.

Afton, Va.-based Zenith Firearms imports a wide variety of firearms and is the sole importer of the MKE-produced roller delayed blowback firearms, true to the original design. Shot Spot operates a state-of-the-art indoor range and retail location in Carrolton, Ga., and offers a full selection of firearms, ammunition, apparel and services. Shot Spot is also an experienced distributor of law enforcement-specific products via its dealer network.

To become a Zenith Hero Program dealer, contact Chase Chambers at (404) 909-5252 or chase@nullshotspotllc.com.

Visit www.shotspotllc.com/hero,

GunDealio Offers Mobile Solution For Dealers

GunDealio, the free smartphone app for firearms enthusiasts, is now accepting partnerships with local retailers nationwide — providing a mobile marketing solution for brick-and-mortar stores.

GunDealio uses geo-location tech-nology to reach users with discounts and deals on firearms and shooting products, exclusive offers, event listings and product news from manufacturers. Now, this technology can be harnessed on the local level to reach the customers in a store’s specific region with a personalized message or ad to announce sales, new products in stock, upcoming events and more. This is can be achieved by designating a “customer zone,” a 20-mile radius around any GunDealio partner location.

“The most important piece of the marketing puzzle is sales. Retail activation at stores through geotargeting and mobile messaging can help close the sales loop,” said Ryan Gresham, VP of sales and marketing at Gun Talk Media.
GunDealio is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Visit www.gundealio.com

Outtech, Beretta Expand Conservation Partnership

Outtech and Beretta have been partners for seven years, and have now expanded their relationship to enhance efforts in working with outdoor conservation and recreational groups throughout the U.S.

Both companies have been longtime supporters of outdoor conservation and the groups supporting these efforts. They have recognized a need to provide enhanced service and communication with these organizations. Through this partnership, Beretta will leverage the expertise of Outtech’s sales team to further expand their support of these groups and their missions.

Tom Stuckey, Outtech’s director of coalitions, will lead the joint efforts. Stuckey brings with him many years of experience in working with these organizations.

“The key is focused attention to each group — the goals of their mission and the needs of their membership. Outtech is one of the few organizations that has recognized this and has dedicated staff for these efforts,” Stuckey explained. “We realize each group has different needs at different times. It’s important to have a consistent line of communication in place and face-to-face relationships to really understand and support the non-profit and conservation world.”

Visit www.teamouttech.com, www.berettausa.com

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