Revamped Websites Raise The Bar

Consumers have come to expect an eye-popping online presence, and industry companies are continuing to respond with revamped looks for their websites. Both Realtree and American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) launched enhanced websites in the first quarter of the year, catering to the high-tech expectations of today’s outdoorsmen and women.

Realtree launched the new website with the intent of making it easier for users to find the content they need. The responsive website automatically recognizes whether the consumer is using a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer and presents the best viewing experience accordingly. Mobile responsive websites are becoming increasingly critical as consumers rely more on their smartphones — even when in the field.

“The new adjusts to the device you’re using. So, if you’re in a treestand and on your phone (instead of paying attention and watching for deer), there is no need to enlarge the page or scroll from side to side to read an article or view a product. And there is no longer a separate mobile version of the site,” said Will Brantley, editor.

Recognizing customers want to instantly find what they’re looking for when browsing a website, Realtree has also streamlined its online search function, which offers an extensive research library of articles, videos and blogs from leading outdoor writers in the industry.

“ has had exponential growth over the past few years, and with 11.2 million unique visitors to the site, 2013 was the best year yet,” Brantley said. “We expect great things out of the redesigned site in the years ahead.” Visit to check out the new design format.

ATN wanted to provide a high-end user experience with its new website, which features top-notch product photography, simplified navigation tabs and an upgraded section of downloadable information. Customers can also download the full ATN product catalog via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Simplifying the user experience remains a major goal in website redesigns, and ATN has taken that to heart with a revamped FAQ section, resources for media personnel and easy-to-browse features for each product. ATN also offers a free online webinar, which teaches users about the latest in night vision technology.

“We’re very proud of the newly revamped website,” said ATN President James Munn. “Our new website provides the end user with more functionality and easier search opportunities for product information by technology, use, type or price categories.”

For more information on American Technologies Network Corp., visit And you can follow ATN on Facebook to stay up to date on new products, images and promotions.

FMG Publications has also answered the call for an enhanced online user experience with the SI Buyer’s Guide Online, which provides access to thousands of industry companies at your fingertips. The upgraded online version of “The Universe’s Greatest Buyer’s Guide” links to the extensive library of articles about thousands of products published in American Handgunner, GUNS Magazine, American COP and Shooting Industry.

When you research a company’s information in “Buyer’s Guide Online,” the company’s page includes a list of related articles with links to the magazine’s Digital Edition — simply click on the link to view the story. This is another great, free service FMG Publications is offering to readers. Take your test drive today at


Comp-Tac Victory Gear LLC recently restructured its dealer program to provide dealers with improved margins and simplified ordering requirements on the company’s range of Kydex holsters. Because booming growth in the concealed-carry market has fueled demand for dealers to carry a more diverse selection of holster styles and fits, Comp-Tac is helping dealers by suspending minimum order requirements.

“Responding to the growing demand for Comp-Tac holsters, we have restructured our dealer program for 2014 to better serve our dealers. With stronger margins and no minimum order requirements, we are making it easier for dealers to carry the Comp-Tac products their customers need,” said Randi Rogers, Comp-Tac sales and marketing manager.

Dealers catering to the growing competition market will especially want to take note, as Comp-Tac holsters continue to be a leading brand among IDPA shooters. And Comp-Tac also carries a wide variety of holsters to serve customers beyond the competition market.

To become a Comp-Tac dealer, contact Randi Rogers or David Wisby at (866) 441-9157. Check out the full line of Comp-Tac holsters and gear at Follow Comp-Tac on Facebook at and Twitter @comptac.


Free NRA Membership With Heritage Firearm

Heritage Manufacturing Inc. is looking to draw in new customers by offering a free one-year NRA membership with the purchase of a new firearm. Running through Dec. 31, 2014, customers will receive their membership materials directly from the NRA, making it a simple promotion for dealers to use.



LaserLyte Offers Davidson’s Laser Training Kit

LaserLyte’s new Davidson’s Training Tyme Kit features its Compact Purple Trigger Tyme pistol, LT-PRO universal pistol laser trainer and a Reaction Tyme Target. The kit provides consumers a $40 savings over the same products sold separately.

Similar in size to the Smith & Wesson Shield and the Springfield Armory XD-S single stack 9mm pistols, the smaller grip on the training pistol provides excellent comfort and control, with the purple color appealing to the ever-expanding women’s market. The 5.5-pound approximate simulated trigger pull features a take-up and break action just like a real firearm, but the pistols cannot accept or fire real ammunition.

The LT-PRO works with a sound-activated switch that indicates where the bullet impacts with a red laser dot, and can be used from a holster, concealment or close quarters. The interactive target system works in reaction and training modes — allowing users to practice trigger control and accuracy with an always-on and ready-to-be-shot mode.

The training kit, which retails at $199.95, is ideal for classrooms, new shooters and individuals interested in honing their presentation, holstering and trigger skills, making it an excellent product to market to customers who are new to the industry.



Kinsey’s Offers Manufacturer-Packaged Arrows

To better serve retailers, Kinsey’s has transitioned from in-house assembly to a manufacturer of fletched and packaged products. The company will continue its long tradition of producing special order arrows, as well as manufacturing and selling popular arrow models in 36-packs.

“Dealers want to create nice arrow displays in their shops recognizing customers often buy a particular brand,” said Dave Parker, Kinsey’s director of sales. “They are also increasingly asking for bar-coded packages, which are of vital importance in modern retailing — our own warehouse, too. Offering fletched arrows in manufacturers’ packaging adds value and solves problems. It was time to make this transition and retire our plain white boxes.”

An easy-to-navigate chart listing is posted online at, showing all new 6-packs, in-house manufactured 36-packs and available shafts for special order arrows. Inventory from Beman, Carbon Express, Easton, Gold Tip, Muddy Outdoors, PSE and Victory is now available in the new packaging.

By J.K. Autry

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