Realtree Goes Beyond Camo

In the time it takes to doodle some new marketing ideas for your gun store on a napkin, you’ll have flipped through the digital “2014 Realtree Summer Look Book.” Hopefully, you won’t miss the genius behind the book’s campaign.

The “Look Book” is a catalog — but looks more like a storybook — that displays Realtree’s summer apparel and fishing, boating and sports equipment. Here’s the clincher — its only target market: young adults.

Realtree’s strategy behind the “Look Book” is to make camo, hiking boots, fishing poles, sleeping bags and backpacks look “cool” to a younger and broader audience — consumers beyond traditional hunters. Realtree has expanded its niche and broadened its market appeal with camo bikinis, purses and headphones.

The real genius behind Realtree’s campaign isn’t the uniqueness of the products, but the accompanying lifestyle marketed as “Realtree Life.” The company entices customers with the idea that, “Around every river bend, lake and mountain to climb, adventure never stops when you live a Realtree Life.” This idea is promoted with high-quality photos that give customers a chance to imagine themselves creating memories using Realtree products and wearing Realtree apparel outdoors with friends. Realtree’s campaign is successful because they offer an “experience” with their product. This kind of brand presentation goes “beyond the camo.”


To experience the “2014 Realtree Summer Look Book,” visit,
search “Look Book.”

While the catalog isn’t a dynamic storefront, the principles translate well for firearm dealers. You can take a similar marketing approach with your store. A study by Verde Group, analyzers of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, revealed that “brand experience” is one of the most important aspects of a customer’s shopping expectations. The report says customers want an “exciting store design and atmosphere.” They want to feel “they’re special and that they always get a deal.”

Regardless of the marketing approach you take, make it unique. Today’s consumers can smell “cheesy” a mile away. The handwritten quotes and phrases peppered throughout Realtree’s “Look Book” lend a personal feel, similar to a scrapbook. It tells the consumer, “We took the time to make this special and unique, just for you.”

Your customers also demand high quality. If the content of your advertising, social media messaging or even your store’s layout isn’t visually appealing, consumers will not take the time to look — or shop. It’s all about presentation.

Are you creating a brand experience for your customers as they shop? Is your store visually appealing? How do customers perceive your “brand”? It takes some brainstorming to come up with ideas that “go beyond the camo.” Flip through Realtree’s “Look Book” and then grab a napkin to begin strategizing on how you can create an “experience” for your customers.



Increase your sales traffic with a free display rack from CAA. CAA’s Rack Program provides dealers with a free steel display rack when they purchase a full assortment of CAA firearms accessories, which includes but is not limited to:

• Collapsible buttstocks
• Low-profile front and rear sights
• Five-position light and laser mounts
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Each display is topped with a high-resolution CAA display sign, and includes hooks and backorder tags. Purchases include free shipping, as well.



Boost Sales With Kahr’s Free Magazine Promo

Boost your sales of Kahr, Magnum Research and Auto-Ordnance guns with Kahr Firearm Group’s newest free magazine promotion.

Customers who purchase specific pistols or Tommy Guns between June 16 and Oct. 31 qualify for a free accompanying magazine. The free magazines retail for a range of $16 for Auto-Ordnance AO1911 to $299 for a Tommy Gun drum. Visit Kahr Firearm Group’s websites for a list of firearms related to this promotion.



Nate Squared Releases Glock 42 Holster

Nate Squared Tactical has added a new concealed carry holster to their Professional Series for the Glock 42, the smallest, subcompact Glock pistol. Not only are the Professional Series holsters comfortable enough to wear while napping, but also they are made with a unique Twist Release System.

The Twist Release System, according to Nate Squared, allows the user to “simply drive his thumb between the holster and the grip, then slightly twist the grip toward his body to release the triggerguard from the retention bump for a smooth draw.”



After a successful kick-off last summer, Point Blank Range in Lake Norman, N.C., again conducted their program “Teens on Target” this year. The program’s objective: “A safe, supervised and structured program designed to introduce young adults in the community to safe gun handling.”

“Teens on Target” is modeled after the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program and is designed to take shooters from beginning levels through intermediate to Distinguished Expert. Last summer, over 30 teens participated in the program, with seven graduating as Distinguished Experts.

General Manager of Point Blank Range Dave Driscoll encourages participation from any teen that wants to learn to shoot. “Understanding gun safety rules and proper handling is crucial,” he explains. “To know and follow these rules goes hand in hand with practicing and developing these skills under the guidance of experienced, NRA-certified instructors.”
Dealers elsewhere can develop similar programs. “Teens on Target” was held each Wednesday evening for teens ages 13-17. Participants used .22 pistols. The fee per night was $28.

By Taylor Smithfield

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