Range Owners Benefit From First Shots, Second Round

NSSF’s First Shots program has helped introduce thousands of newcomers to shooting sports at local ranges nationwide, and the program remains a valuable tool for range owners in attracting new customers.

With First Shots, range owners create new customers, increase range activity and build awareness of the shooting sports. Plus, First Shots offers advertising packages that include custom ads with your range’s information, assistance with buying print, radio and television ads, all the targets and ammo for the seminar and planning and logistical support through the entire process.

FMG Publications believes in this program, and in the last five years has raised $211,000 for First Shots through the Shooting Industry Masters. This year’s Masters, held in Cody, Wyo., raised $70,000 from side match fees, raffle prizes and auctions on GunBroker.com.

Range operators, if you’ve already hosted a First Shots event at your range, consider following it up with a Second Round event, which creates another opportunity to draw potential customers into your store.

“It is important that we keep new shooters engaged and constantly wanting to come back to the range to learn and explore all that the shooting sports has to offer,” said Tisma Juett, First Shots manager. “The ideas for hosting a Second Round event can be left to the imagination.”

For instance, with Second Round events, range owners can host an introduction to competitive shooting or safely using a holster. For a little variety, one could have participants try shooting bowling pins.

For more information on the First Shots program or to schedule a seminar at your range, visit www.nssf.org/firstshots. In addition, Juett has a lot of ideas to help you make your First Shots or Second Round event a success. You can contact her by phone at (203) 426-1320, ext. 219 or via email: tjuett@nullnssf.org.

NSSF also provides detailed information on the benefits of hosting a First Shots event.


Range Systems Introduces ThermBright Targets

Range Systems became the exclusive distributor for ThermBright targets last year and has since expanded from offering military, infantry and vehicle targets to bullseye, hog, deer and coyote targets.

The animal targets are life-sized, and when viewed through a thermal imager or night vision device, they retain a crisp, clear, life-like image of the animal. Using any in-service sights, including night vision and fusion sights, the targets work effectively in daylight or at night and will work in all weather conditions.

ThermBright targets do not require any power source or batteries, and they are also far more effective than using hand warmers taped to a target. The sturdy construction of ThermBright targets will endure 2,000 rounds of small-arms fire before thermal degradation begins to occur.

MSRP on ThermBright Passive Thermal Targets ranges from $35 to $600. Hog and coyote targets have a MSRP of $55 each.



AWC Introduces Valkyrie II Suppressor

AWC Systems Technology has redesigned the proven rimfire design of its Valkyrie series in a take-apart version. The Valkyrie II offers the same suppression performance of the earlier generations, with the added ability of consumer maintenance. This significantly extends the product’s lifespan.

The Valkyrie series suppressor was originally designed for use on .22 LR handguns and rifles. This model gives customers a small, lightweight package that can be used across multiple platforms and calibers. Manufactured in two versions — 100 percent titanium or 100 percent aircraft-grade aluminum — both will handle .17 HMR up to .22 WMR rounds.

The Valkyrie II has a MSRP of $400.



Benelli Website Dazzles With Line Drawings

Benelli’s new website is now online with upgrades, like advanced filtering tools and eye-catching line drawings — a major departure from most websites that bombard visitors with intense imagery. Built on a responsive platform by Gray Loon Marketing Group, the website automatically recognizes any device, including smartphones and tablets.

“Benelli continues to demonstrate innovation and leadership by delivering the most advanced website in the firearms industry,” explained Brita Lewis, Gray Loon marketing strategist. “Wherever you are, the website makes it extremely easy to find the firearm that’s best for you.”

The website includes additional features like social sharing, a dealer locator tool and an online store for factory parts and accessories.

By J.K. Autry

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