R3 Efforts Crucial To Long-Term Stability

By Jade Moldae

First announced Dec. 2018, NSSF’s +ONE Movement has emerged as an influential mentorship program for the industry. To learn more about getting involved, visit www.nssf.org/plusone.

Recruitment. Retention. Reactivation. Often simply referred as R3, these three words carry substantial clout in determining the industry’s future trajectory. The rationale behind these Rs is if the industry can successfully encourage new participation in hunting, target shooting and gun ownership then, conceivably, a surge in interest will secure the long-term sustainability of hunting and the shooting sports.

More enthusiasts will equate to more opportunities for sales. Likewise, adding more shooters and hunters to our ranks will likely influence voting habits, social media preferences and interpersonal relationships. Simply, effective R3 efforts benefit all involved in the industry — from local gun stores to manufacturers, wildlife organizations and other agencies.

NSSF has tapped into this approach, recently debuting a new mentorship initiative with the aim of facilitating growth (and encapsulating the R3 mission) for the industry: the +ONE Movement. This program seeks to motivate established hunters and target shooters to introduce friends and family to the shooting sports. Launched late last year, +ONE has generated a lot of attention from around the industry.

“We all know getting involved in hunting and the shooting sports can be a challenge for people who have never gone before,” said NSSF President Joe Bartozzi. “Having a mentor at your side makes it much easier for someone to get started. With the +ONE Movement, we’re challenging every hunter and target shooter in America to introduce at least one new person to the sports we love.”

Dealers have earmarked the +ONE Movement as a powerful measure to grow their customer base. Jared Sloane, operations manager at Shoot Smart — which operates three storefront/range facilities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area — shared how this program falls in line with his store’s aim of reaching out to lapsed customers in 2019.

“We’re going to spend a lot more time marketing to and catching up with old customers to reengage them,” he said. “We’re taking part in the NSSF’s +ONE Movement, and will tie it in to as many programs as we can this year.”

Lane rentals represent a key component of Shoot Smart’s business model, and +ONE provides a natural link to inspire range visits.

“We want to reengage our customer base and get them to bring someone in with them when they visit the range. We all owe it to ourselves to try to find the inroads to build this market and get those folks coming back in,” Sloane added.

Online Support

The +ONE Movement is supported by three websites developed by NSSF: LetsGoHunting.org, LetsGoShooting.org and StepOutside.org.

LetsGoHunting.org is dedicated to all things hunting, such as finding where to hunt, information on different hunting activities, tips for obtaining a hunting license and more. In the +ONE Movement section of the website, helpful articles are available for mentors/participants including “5 Essentials For A First Hunt” and “The Art Of The Ask.”

A companion to LetsGoHunting.org, the LetsGoShooting.org website is presented in a similar format for new and experienced shooters. Notably, the site has a “featured retailers” search function, giving customers the ability to easily find their local gun stores. This site also has a +ONE portal, giving visitors tips for a safe and fun first outing at the range with friends and getting youth involved.

Targeting those engaged in cross-participation pursuits, StepOutside.org includes geo-locating services for a range of outdoor activities — including winter sports, camping, hiking, archery, fishing, hunting, the shooting sports and more.

Get Involved

As you know, the key for any program’s success is participation. For those reading this, perhaps your store, range or company can commit to sharing the +ONE Movement with customers on social media channels, email marketing campaigns and even among other industry partners. NSSF has facilitated promotional efforts by publishing an extensive +ONE online toolkit with logos, images for social media posts, digital ads, PSA scripts and more. (Visit www.nssf.org/plusone for access.)

If you need any further motivation to get involved, think of it this way: Strength in numbers stabilizes our footing, enabling us to withstand attacks from well-funded and motivated groups that don’t want to see a vibrant, thriving industry.

How are you planning on using +ONE this year? I want to hear from you, contact me direct at editor@nullshootingindustry.com.

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