Products You May Have Missed At SHOT Show

By Mark Kakkuri

By any measure, SHOT Show qualifies as an event of epic proportions: Over 1,600 vendors, 64,000 attendees and 12 miles of booths and displays — guns and gear everywhere. So, try as you might, it’s almost impossible to see everything. And that’s why we’re presenting this brief roundup of some of the stuff you may have missed at the show, and for those of you who couldn’t make the event. Watch for a similar round of L.E. and tactical gear next month. For now, though, here are some of my favorite finds while traversing the acres of guns and gear in the Sands Expo in Las Vegas at this year’s show.




This V200 is one of several models offered by Viridian as easy-to-mount and easy-to-use tactical illumination products for rifles. Available in basic white, infrared, red and green illumination, the V200 offers CREE LED technology and seven-position manual focused intensity, all housed in a rugged body. Included with the V200 is a remote switch, able to be mounted well behind the light, on virtually any part of a rifle, as well as scope mounts (30mm and 1 inch), and a versatile Picatinny rail mount. Whether a user selects the remote switch or a standard tail switch, the V200 can be mounted in a variety of configurations, including on top of a rifle. With the mount hinge holding the light off to the right or left, out of the way of sights or optics, the V200 standard tail switch remains within easy reach of whatever hand is at the fore. One click of the V200 tail switch pushes a bright white beam out 300 yards. A bonus: It can be used as a handheld light as well. Visit




QuickSafes manufactures several useful gun storage options, including the innocuous-looking QuickVent Safe. Looking, for all intents and purposes, like any HVAC vent you’d find in a home (top), QuickVent Safe securely stores a couple handguns, extra magazines, ammo or other valuables (bottom). For installation, your customers would need to cut out the drywall (or whatever wall covering) between two studs, set the QuickVent Safe in the opening and screw it into the studs using the included wood screws and the predrilled mounting holes inside of the safe. For operation, the lock opens by holding one of two included RFID cards to the outside frame of the safe. A battery-powered sensor (batteries included!) and lock knows when the RFID card is requesting access and pops the front of the safe open automatically. In case the sensor batteries fail, QuickVent also includes a battery backup system to allow the RFID cards to work again.




As far as features go, there’s nothing small about this Elf. An easy-to-install, drop-in MSR part made to enhance trigger speed, the Elftmann Match Trigger clearly has a goal of helping a shooter win competitions with rapid follow-up shots and greater accuracy. This is made possible by a very short pull and reset with an approximately 50 percent lighter pull weight than a typical MSR trigger. Moreover, the pull weight is adjustable from 4 lbs. to 2.75 lbs. without removing it from the lower receiver. Made in America with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee, the Match Trigger assembly features lightweight aircraft aluminum and hardened steel components — as well as high performance trigger and hammer needle bearings. It all adds up to smooth, fast, reliable firing. Even if set to the lightest pull weight, the Match Trigger is completely drop-safe. It fits any mil-spec MSR-style rifle, and is available in curved (left) or straight shoe (right). Visit




The LaserMax LMS-G43 provides the popular concealed carry pistol with a highly integrated laser sighting system — as a drop-in replacement guide rod. Your customers would be pleased to know installing the guide rod requires no special gunsmithing or tools; they would just need to field strip the unloaded gun as normal and follow the instructions to switch the GLOCK’s slide lock with the one from LaserMax. Then, they’d replace the factory guide rod with the LaserMax Guide Rod and put the gun back together. The new slide lock allows the user to turn the guide rod laser on and off with a push from either side of the gun. Since nothing is added to the gun externally, all dimensions remain exactly the same. As such, a LaserMax Guide Rod-equipped GLOCK 43 fits every holster or other accessory made for it. With the laser built into the guide rod, the beam emits from a point very close to the bore, providing a truer laser sight line to a target. And a user can preprogram the laser to emit a steady beam or a pulsing beam. Visit

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