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Make sure your store stays at the top of your customers’ must-see list as they decide on their next (or first) personal-defense purchase: Consider adding these tried-and-true products to your inventory!

Black Hills Ammunition

HoneyBadger Ammunition

Black Hills Adds All-New HoneyBadger™ Options to 2017 Lineup: New for 2017, we’ve added the all-new HoneyBadger™ 9mm 125-grain and .45 ACP 135-grain for the ultimate in self-defense, plus a HoneyBadger™ .44 Magnum 160-grain for hunting or defense against four-legged predators. The HoneyBadger™ 9mm and .45 ACP were designed to provide optimum performance in ballistic gelatin while avoiding over-penetration.

North American Arms


The NAA “Pug,” derived from the Latin Pugnus, meaning Fist, can be characterized as “much in little,” in the small and convenient size. Squat and sturdy like its namesake dog, the NAA Pug is chambered in .22 Magnum and sports a 1-inch heavy barrel. Count on this stocky companion to deliver a bite even worse than its bark.

Deep Conceal

BobCat Holster

Deep Conceal introduces the BobCat. Specifically designed to fit a woman’s body, the BobCat shoulder concealment holsters comes with handgun and magazine holster pockets allowing the wearer to conceal virtually any medium to small handgun. Mix and match handgun holster pockets as desired. These handgun holster pockets are also made to be tilted forward to cant the firearm. Dealers, email us for retail discounts at



The new Trijicon RMR® TYPE 2 ruggedized miniature reflex sight is the ultimate concealed carry red dot. Newly optimized for handgun and extreme usage platforms, it features upgraded electronics for increased durability in the toughest conditions. It’s the sight customers will want for fast, both-eyes-open target acquisition, accurate aiming and proven reliability on numerous platforms, including side-mounted pistol applications.


The New KSG-25® Shotgun

The new KSG-25® shotgun holds 24+1 rounds of 2 3/4-inch shells or 40+1 rounds of 1-1/2-inch shells – more than 3 times the capacity of ordinary shotguns. It’s the longest Kel-Tec barrel and dual tube magazines yet. However, at only 38-inches in overall length, it’s still shorter than most 12-gauge shotguns. Innovative Kel-Tec downward shell ejection makes the KSG-25® truly ambidextrous.

FMG Publications

American Hangunner Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is a state of mind. The 2017 American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition provides contemporary insight to the growing trends and options in personal defense. This FMG Special Edition is loaded with over 15 articles, including the influence law enforcement has on citizens when choosing a handgun, concealing full size service pistols under light attire and packing the perfect range bag.

Deep Conceal

Duo Holster

Deep Conceal, the industry innovator in soft shoulder concealment holsters introduces our new “Duo”. It combines the comfort of our proven shoulder holsters with the convenience and retention security of Kydex. The Duo attaches inside our existing handgun holster pockets. Available for the most popular handguns, this product is now available with more models coming weekly. Special orders upon request. Dealers, email us for retail discounts at

North American Arms

NAA Bug Out Box With Talo

The NAA Bug Out Box with Talo is an emergency kit with room for ammo, a flashlight, a knife, etc. ­— all of which can be easily kept in an owner’s car or home. It can be deployed in any disaster- readiness scenario. This small, five-shot mini-revolver chambered in .22 LR has a stylized stepped barrel, XS Sights, and a sheriff-style cylinder pin.

SRM Arms

SRM M1228

SRM takes detachable magazine, semi-auto shotgun capacity to the max with the M1228. Built on SRM’s 1216 semi-auto platform with detachable rotating magazine, the M1228 is modified to accept mini-shells only, giving a magazine capacity of 28 rounds! The M1228 has an MSRP of $1,799.95 and like the 1216 is 100 percent made in the USA.

Aero Precision

Aero Precision + Grey Ghost Precision GLOCK® Slides

Aero Precision has teamed up with Grey Ghost Precision to launch a complete line of GLOCK® G17 and G19 slides. Enhance your stock pistol, or add it to an 80 percent build. These slides are manufactured from 17-4 billet stainless steel to have tighter tolerances than a factory slide, providing increased accuracy and reliability you can count on.

FMG Publications

American Hangunner Personal Defense Survive

The American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive Special Edition blends the best of Handgunner’s reliable insights with the tips, tools and tricks to equip readers with a set of survival skills should the need arise. The issue features alternative survival weapon solutions for no-gun zones, common misconceptions about explosives, a step-by-step guide to building a knife from scratch and much more.

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