Personal Defense One-Stop Shopping

How to secure “must-have” status through September Shooting Industry:

The most successful gun dealers ask customers questions before offering solutions. The September issue of Shooting Industry will help them answer by providing the latest defensive product updates, applications and more. You can provide vital sales support by making sure dealers know the “must-have” benefits of your product.

Here’s a look at the sales resources dealers will use in the September issue:

* Personal-Defense Sales – How to be a “One-Stop” shop for customers’ defensive needs.

* The Storage Solution – Secure sales from first-time buyers.

* High-Tech Products – Advanced technologies help shooters reach new levels of skill and confidence quicker.

* Hunting Extra – Make the most of late season hunting sales by having what customers will be looking for.

Shooting Industry is the only business magazine that reaches a circulation of “consumer-selected” Federally Licensed Firearms retailers every month.

September Issue Space Reservation Deadline: August 2, 2016

Contact Jeff Severson at (866) 903-1199 for more information.

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