Personal Defense Is A Priceless Gift

Gun store owners are in a unique position to give women the most precious of gifts — the ability to protect themselves. Some new products have come out recently in the non-lethal defense market, specifically for women. One of the most interesting things about these products is that they are trying to change the tone of women’s personal defense. In the past, many women have felt the marketing associated with personal defense made it seem like a negative and daunting task. As more women have gotten involved in the industry, the tone is changing to one of empowerment.

SABRE Red is at the forefront of this movement with their new Safety Chick Kits created in partnership with Kathleen Baty. Baty is a stalking survivor who helped pass the first anti-stalking law. Baty is also an author, motivational speaker and television personality. She says her passion is to change the way personal safety is marketed to women and to promote it as a lifestyle choice that is positive and empowering.

“Personal safety is not about living paranoid,” Baty said, “It’s about living smart. My mantra is ‘strength, courage and common sense.’”


Kathleen Baty has partnered with SABRE Red to create
popular personal-defense items for women.

Baty has spent years learning how to live smart and it is reflected in the safety tips she offers on her website and on shows like the “Today Show.” She also shares her experience in her books, A Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do and College 101, both written in an easily accessible tone and packed full of personal-defense information.

Her partnership with SABRE Red packages several personal-defense products in one easy-to-display place, and gives women a definite starting place for a proactive approach to their first defensive needs. There are two versions of the Safety Chick Kit. The first version contains SABRE Red pepper spray, a door wedge alarm and a personal alarm with strobe light, while the second version replaces the pepper spray with peephole covers. Baty pointed out that reversing peepholes in college dorms is a huge problem. Many young women have been embarrassed by people looking at them through reversed peepholes, or even videotaping them, as FOX Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews experienced.

A truly unique feature of the Safety Chick Kits is the inclusion of drink coasters to detect two of the most common date rape drugs. The directions for use are printed on the coasters, and it’s easy to use a straw to put a drop of liquid on the paper, which changes color if drugs are detected. This is one of those products every woman should have in her purse — not just college students. A friend in her 40s attended a large music festival and the bartender actually slipped some type of drug in her drink. Luckily, she consumed very little of the drink/drug before she noticed something was wrong, but the results could have been disastrous.


Packaging several personal-defense items as a bundle creates an easy sale.

Get Creative With Safety Kits

No one knows your customers’ needs the way you do, and many dealers may want to create their own kits designed specifically for their clientele. For example, if the bulk of your female clientele are shotgun owners, a personal safety kit that incorporates non-lethal defense for out-of-the-home situations and a shotgun for home defense makes a lot of sense. If you already sell store logo items, these can be incorporated into the kits to help further promote your store. For example, fill a logo range bag with items that you think your female clientele need for personal defense and offer them at a special bundled price. Not only will they make excellent gift items, they also will easily help to increase sales.

Also, take note of the fact that women are more responsive to personal defense products when they are presented in a positive, proactive light. Baty said, “Personal defense is a gift you give yourself,” and your customers are sure to be receptive to the idea when presented in this light.

Mace also offers a personal-defense kit with the focus on pepper spray. Their kit includes pepper spray, a pepper spray trainer with target and a personal safety instructional DVD. The DVD is packed with personal-defense tips on the most effective way to use pepper spray.

Another personal-defense kit option comes from Safety Technology. Marketed under the Safe Family Life brand, they offer seven different safety kits tailored to specific needs such as their Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women or the Extreme College Survival Kit. All of the kits come with pepper spray, alarms, diversion safes and safety booklets focused on the kit’s specific theme.

Graduation season is right around the corner and every parent who is sending a daughter off to college or out to live on her own in the working world will want to purchase items to keep them safe. A lot of women think they don’t need a personal-defense plan, but if you can get the word out about these products, you are, as Baty said, “giving a girl street smarts before she has to learn the hard way.”

If your store has classroom facilities, selling personal-protection class gift certificates along with personal safety items is a natural pairing. Make sure you advertise all of the personal-defense options available to women on your website and during times of year when women are in transition, like the spring and fall. Even the holidays are a good time to get the word out about women’s personal safety. Many women may have had their first taste of living on their own and are now more receptive to taking a more proactive approach to their safety. Above all, forgo using scare tactics and instead promote personal defense as an empowering gift women can give themselves.

Valuable Kahrs

Kahr Arms recently introduced value-priced, full-frame semiautos, the CT40 and the CT45, that are sure to appeal to budget-minded women. Kahr kept the best features from their TP-series guns and managed to put them into a budget-friendly package. The CT4043 and the CT4543 feature a full-size polymer frame with a stainless-steel slide and white bar-dot sight configuration. The CT4043 sports a 4-inch barrel, overall length of 6.5 inches, height of 5.13 inches and a slide width of .94 inches. It weighs just 21.8 ounces with the magazine, making it very slim, lightweight and perfect for concealed carry.

The CT4543 has a barrel length of 4.04 inches, overall length of 6.57 inches, height of 5.25 inches and a slide width of 1.01 inches. It weighs 23.7 ounces with the magazine, and both models have a 7+1 round capacity. The two models will retail at an affordable $499.
By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

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