By Jade Moldae & Carolee Anita Boyles

NSSF Praises FixNICS’ Impact At State Level

Sept. 25, NSSF reported a 241% increase in state submissions of adjudicated mental health records to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database — an effort launched by the firearms industry in 2013 through the FixNICS campaign. Just 1.7 million such records existed in the FBI’s database when NSSF began the campaign in 2013 to fix the background check system. Today, there are more than 5.6 million records.

“This achievement demonstrates the firearms industry’s commitment to real solutions for safer communities,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF general counsel and SVP of government relations and public affairs. “The firearms industry conceived of the point-of-purchase instant background check system that exists today. We’ve spent years working to successfully fix the system so it works as intended.”

NSSF has spearheaded an effort to improve the quality and accuracy of background checks by changing the law in 16 states. (State participation in the NICS system is voluntary under the Constitution; the 10th Amendment prohibits the U.S. government to mandate the states to submit records.) At the federal level, NSSF worked with U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) on the bipartisan FixNICS legislation signed into law by President Trump in 2017 to require federal agencies to submit all disqualifying records. The bill also incentivizes states to improve their overall reporting and directs more federal funding to the accurate reporting of domestic violence records.

1.7 million records existed in the FBI’s database
when NSSF began the campaign in 2013 to
fix the background check system. Today,
there are more than 5.6 million records.

According to NSSF, “a background check is only as good as the records in the database.” Including these missing records will ensure more accurate and complete background checks — helping to prevent illegal firearms transfers. Several states still do not fully submit their disqualifying records to help keep firearms from falling into the hands of those prohibited by law from purchasing them. 

“The NSSF is committed to making sure the background check system works as intended,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF president. “As such, we’re proud to have been the driving force behind getting the information into the NICS database so firearm retailers can be confident the background checks they run are complete, correct and up to date. This is just one example of how the industry is doing its part to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

GSM Acquires Down & Out Blinds

GSM Outdoors, a multi-brand manufacturer and technology innovator of hunting and shooting products, announces the recent acquisition of Down & Out Blinds. This acquisition broadens GSM’s diverse hunting stand and hunting blind product line. 

“[Down & Out’s] groundbreaking hunting blinds will fall under our Hawk brand and complement our current line of hunting blinds quite nicely — not only with the key price points we’ll be hitting, but also with features and benefits. These are unique blinds that blend the advantages of permanent, hard-side blinds with the easy setup and takedown of popup blinds,” said Ben Smith, GSM VP of sales and marketing.

Down & Out blinds center on its patented BlindFold technology. This technology features an accordion-style, multi-panel design allowing hunters to set up blinds in just a couple minutes with no tools required. Providing 360-degree visibility and shooting, screwed-to-frame fabric, all-black interior and aluminum powder-coated panel frames, Down & Out blinds are made to be left out all season. Key features to its popular Scout and Warrior models have been engineered to ensure long-term durability and reliable function. They include magnetic window and door closures, heavy-duty roof struts to withstand snow loads, heavy-duty 600 denier No-Shine Cordura fabric, full-length panel hinges, DarkOut black interior and more.

This latest acquisition complements GSM extensive portfolio of brands, which includes Stealth Cam, Walker’s, Birchwood Casey, Hunting Made Easy, Shooting Made Easy and more.

Socks For Heroes Partnership

SIG SAUER announces its partnership with the Southern California Marine Corps Support Group (SCMCSG), nationally known as Socks for Heroes, and America Shoots for Her Troops shooting events. 

All proceeds from the partnership will support American military members serving overseas by providing socks and other essentials. America Shoots for Her Troops allows firearms retailers and ranges to drive traffic to their stores while aiding U.S. armed forces. 

Shooters at the events can try out various SIG SAUER firearm and optic combinations by making a tax-deductible donation to the SCMCSG. The five-gun format can be tailored to individual ranges for either indoor or outdoor shooting events.

Retailers and ranges can also leverage this promotion by providing incentives for participants to purchase SIG SAUER firearms and equipment. 

The SCMCSG and SIG SAUER provide all of the firearms, ammunition, optics and coordination for each America Shoots for Her Troops event. Participating retailers provide a shooting venue and market the event to their customer base. 

Retailers may contact Jim Hogan at or (310) 728-9166 to learn more about sponsoring an America Shoots for Her Troops event.

GPO Launches Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty

GPO RangeGuide 10×50

German Precision Optics (GPO) USA has created a Spectacular Lifetime Warranty.

The GPO USA Spectacular Lifetime Warranty applies to every GPO product sold in the U.S., regardless of where it was purchased or how long a consumer has owned it. The warranty is fully transferable. Customers can even take a malfuctioning product to their local retailer, who can immediately replace it with a new product, and GPO USA will replace the retailer’s product. 

“We believe the best warranty starts with having the very best product. Each and every one of our products is extensively tested in Germany before they are shipped here. We know the products are built to our high standards when they arrive. It is why we can offer such a remarkable warranty program,” said Michael Jensen, owner and CEO of GPO USA.

This warranty announcement comes after GPO updated its website in May, which introduced a range of new content — including a dealer locator, enhanced shipping/order system, demo sales, product demonstration videos and numerous pages for promotions, awards and downloadable product images and catalogs.

“This website structure was intended to support retailer services. We have a dealer locator to drive consumers to the retail stores, promotions to support dealer sales, instructional videos to assist retailer sales clerks and many other feature-rich tools designed to support our loyal dealer base,” Jensen said.

Founded in 2016, GPO has its U.S. headquarters in Richmond, Va.

Christensen Arms Awarded SLED Contract

Christensen Arms CA-15 G2

Christensen Arms has been awarded a contract by the State of South Carolina to produce a version of the Christensen Arms CA-15 G2 model firearm for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Under the contract, Christensen Arms will provide 410 semi-automatic rifles chambered in .223 WYLDE.

“After a thorough evaluation and testing of many AR platform rifles, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has chosen the Christensen Arms CA-15 G2 due to its accuracy, reliability and overall weight,” said SLED Chief Mark Keel. “This innovative equipment will update and standardize the agency’s rifle inventory for SLED’s law enforcement personnel.

”The Christensen Arms CA-15 G2 is a custom built AR-style rifle optimized for weight and accuracy by utilizing aerospace-grade composites in production. It features a matched receiver set with a contour-matching carbon fiber handguard, black nitride finished BCG and a single stage match-grade trigger assembly. The retail model is offered with stainless steel or carbon fiber barrel options.

“We’re looking forward to an excellent partnership. The CA-15 G2 is a remarkable firearm, and we’re very pleased the men and women of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division have chosen to carry it,” said Jason Christensen, president of Christensen Arms.

American Defense Mfg. Upgrades Sheriffs’ SWAT Rifle Platform

American Defense Manufacturing (ADM) announces the Washoe County (Nev.) Sheriff’s Office has selected the UIC Mod 1 LE 10.5″ upper assembly as an upgrade for its official SWAT rifle. 

The UIC Mod 1 LE complete upper provides premium components including a Rosco Bloodline barrel, 9″ MLOK handguard, Magpul MBUS Pro iron sights and Radian Weapons Raptor charging handle.

“We have chosen the American Defense upper receiver for the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team for several reasons. First, the reliability of the platform is second to none. I personally have used their rifles and have had zero issues after thousands of rounds. Second, the accuracy of these rifles has been amazing from round one to round counts in the tens of thousands,” said Deputy Daniel Bales of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office.

Additionally, ADM announces the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in the New Orleans metropolitan area has received the UIC10A 16″ .308 caliber rifle systems the agency previously selected for SWAT use. 

The ADM UIC10 .308 rifle combines other premium components with Criterion barrels. The rifle platform also provides officers with ambidextrous controls that include the charging handle, safety selector, magazine release and bolt catch and release.

ADM supports agencies beyond the sale by providing immediate, temporary replacement of any of its rifles used in a critical incident and taken out of service for evidence. The company’s Ready Reserve program also provides immediate, temporary replacement of any ADM rifle destroyed in the line of duty in order to reduce department disruption.

LAPD Selects Vista Outdoor’s Speer, Federal Brands 

Speer Gold Dot G2

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has selected Speer Gold Dot G2 ammunition in 9mm Luger and .40 S&W as its approved duty round. The LAPD also selected Speer’s Force-on-Force marking rounds for training. 

“Speer is the number-one choice of law enforcement professionals, serving more than 80% of law enforcement agencies nationwide. When it comes to dependability and terminal ballistics, Speer is the gold standard,” said Jason Vanderbrink, president of Speer.

Instead of a large hollowpoint cavity, Gold Dot G2 has a shallow dish filled with a high-performance elastomer that is forced into engineered internal fissures to start the expansion process. The end result is more uniform and consistent.

Force on Force marker rounds are lead-free and safe for indoor training use. 

Additionally, the LAPD has selected Federal Premium ammunition for multiple firearms platforms: Tactical HST in .45 Auto, Federal Gold Medal .308 Win. and 12-ga. Tactical Buckshot for duty shotguns.

“At Federal Premium Law Enforcement, we understand officer safety is paramount, and it’s why we have developed a full line of L.E. ammunition, with options for every department and every situation,” Vanderbrink said.

Fulfillment of both contracts (each with up to seven option years) is underway via regional distribution.

The LAPD is the third-largest municipal police department in the U.S., serving over 4 million people.

SCCY Launches Fall Stocking Dealer Program


SCCY announces a dealer-stocking program for the fall 2019 market. Orders placed with participating distributors will receive a free pistol with the purchase of eight pistols in each of the manufacturer’s CPX-1, CPX-2, and CPX-3 product families.

Purchases must be made between Aug. 20, 2019 and December 1, 2019 with all shipments made by December 1, 2019 for participation in the dealer stocking program. For more information, visit 

Coinciding with this program launch, SCCY introduced its Fall Rebate for the consumer market: $25 off any purchase between Oct. 1–Nov. 30, 2019.

5.11 Opens 50th Company Store

Aug. 3, 5.11 Tactical opened its 50th company store in
Fort Bliss, Texas. Pictured, from left: Gage Huff, 5.11 retail district manager; Chris Schneider, director of 5.11 agency relations and retail; Officer Alejandro Carmona, Socorro PD; Chief David Burton, Socorro PD (and honorary door breacher).

In August, 5.11 Tactical celebrated the grand opening of its 50th company-owned retail store in Fort Bliss, Texas. The store marks the completion of an initiative established in 2014 to launch and expand company-owned retail stores across the country, aiming for 50 stores by the middle of this year.  

“It used to be you couldn’t buy 5.11 pants unless you were training with a government agency,” said 5.11’s Co-Founder and CEO Francisco J. Morales. “Our retail stores are an ideal destination for people from all walks of life to come and experience 5.11 clothing, footwear and gear. Our products are specially engineered for first responders and the military to be functional, comfortable and durable.Through our 5.11 retail stores, everyday consumers can benefit similarly from the innovation we inject into our products.”

The beginning of the brand’s robust retail expansion came in 2017 and 2018, with an average of two store openings per month. The brand continued its momentum into 2019 with six store openings since January. An estimated one to two store openings per month are planned for the remainder of the year and into 2020. 

“The stores serve as a beacon for the first responder community and for the military, both active duty and veterans. Our Always Be Ready Academy offers the community free in-store classes in trauma care, self-defense, everyday carry, fitness and outdoor adventure,” said Jeff Roberts, 5.11 SVP of retail. “We’ve found even as shopping becomes more digitized than ever, people value and seek out the level of personal interaction our 5.11 stores offer.”

To date, 5.11 owns retail stores in 24 states; 5.11 Fort Bliss joins the ranks as the company’s eighth store in Texas.

ZEISS Debuts New Hunting Campaign

In August, ZEISS debuted the “most comprehensive campaign in its history,” according to a company press release. The “Confidence In The Toughest Conditions Campaign” centers on two important qualities for hunters: reliability and ruggedness.

“Dirt roads and mountain trails can subject optics to continuous vibration and abuse while traveling to and from the field; in these situations, extreme durability of optics is paramount,” said Robert Pignataro, GM of Carl Zeiss SBE.

The new international communication campaign illustrates how ZEISS subjects its products to numerous lab tests that simulate real-life abuse and stresses in hunting environments to further guarantee product performance and reliability.

“For over 170 years, ZEISS has been manufacturing premium optical products that stand out due to their optical excellence, technical innovations and outstanding ergonomics,” Pignataro added. “We will create more consumer awareness and prove why ZEISS products are superior for in-the-field applications when compared with other optics brands.”

The campaign will be promoted nationwide through print, film and digital channels to maximize consumer awareness and engagement. These mediums will illustrate the various applications, benefits and options within the ZEISS Sports Optics product line.

High Speed Gear Awarded U.S. Marine Corps MOLLE Contract

High Speed Gear has been awarded a contract to provide 150,000 HSGI X2R TACO MOLLE double rifle magazine pouches to the Marine Corps Systems Command.

The Marine Corps selected the HSGI X2R TACO MOLLE pouch for its functionality, versatility and weight. The pouch’s double decker design takes up only 3″ of horizontal space on the MOLLE platform. 

The X2R uses injection-molded polymer brackets, Cordura front-and-back shock cord lacing and a thin HDPE separator to adjust the fit for maximum deployment capability. 

“We are honored to have been selected by the United States Marine Corps to provide 150,000 X2R TACO pouches as the solution for the requested modular double rifle magazine pouch. Marine preference played a sizable part in the selection process,” said Bill Babboni, VP of sales and operations at High Speed Gear.

Clenzoil Launches Incentive Program

Clenzoil, manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the firearms and marine industries since 1948, announces a program to reward those who give back to the industry, while supporting its brand.

The Instructors & Guides program will identify individuals committed to promoting and teaching others about fishing, hunting, shooting and other outdoor sports, and provide approved field staff access to discounted Clenzoil products and gear. 

“We recognize the importance of supporting hardworking, reputable professionals who are focused on the overall betterment of the industry. With the implementation of the Clenzoil Instructors & Guides Program, we aim to bring a more exclusive turnkey process to those individuals committed to promoting and teaching others,” said Alan Molony, Clenzoil’s director of marketing.

The application for the program can be found at

Daniel Defense Selected By Texas Parks & Wildlife

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Carbine

The Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) L.E. Division has chosen Daniel Defense as its designated service carbine. All Texas game wardens and park police were issued custom DDM4V7 carbines to begin use in August 2019.“

We’re honored to be selected by TPWD to provide each of their L.E. divisions with upgraded service carbines,” said Patrick Kisgen, Daniel Defense VP of sales. “To be judged against the leading manufacturers in this industry and ultimately be selected as the best, speaks to the quality and performance of our DDM4 platform.”

The rifle TPWD selected is an upgraded version of the DDM4V7 Mil Spec +. The duty rifle is a 16″, semi-auto carbine chambered in 5.56mm. It features a 15″ M-LOK handguard, ambidextrous charging handle, swing swivels and an M-LOK Picatinny rail section. TPWD chose to further customize the rifle with the addition of a Radian Weapons Talon ambidextrous safety selector, Magpul MBUS Pro flip-up front and rear sights, a Magpul angled foregrip and ERGO Grips rail covers. 

“The solicitation for these firearms began in April 2019,” said Joe Marler, Daniel Defense L.E. sales manager. “TPWD ultimately selected our DDM4V7 over its competition for its reliability, durability and accuracy. The versatility of the DDM4V7 makes it the ideal service carbine as it can be configured to serve in the many diverse roles law enforcement encounter.”

Daniel Defense will supply more than 700 carbines to the TPWD before the end of the year for official service use across all their L.E. divisions.

Weatherby Reduces Price Of Select Plus Ammunition

Weatherby Select Plus

Weatherby announces an average 30% price reduction in Select Plus Weatherby ammunition. 

“There’s no argument Weatherby ammunition has performance advantages over most standard offerings,” said Adam Weatherby, company president. “The great news is our ballistically superior cartridges are now available at a competitive price, and well within the reach of most big-game hunters, allowing them to step into a flatter and faster round.”

“We know ammo prices have been a barrier to entry in our rifles and ammunition, and this price reduction will bring Weatherby within reach for all consumers,” added Luke Thorkildsen, Weatherby VP of marketing, sales and product development.

The Weatherby brand traces its history back to 1945, when founder Roy Weatherby revolutionized the industry with his deadly accurate, hard-hitting loads. Today’s Weatherby cartridges still carry on the innovative tradition. 

Weatherby opened its new manufacturing facility in Sheridan, Wyo. in June, relocating from Paso Robles, Calif.

NSSF Announces 2019 Patron Member Scholarship Winners

The NSSF announces the winners of its 2019 Patron Member Scholarship Contest (formerly Voting Member Scholarship Contest). The annual competition is open to Patron company members, their employees and family members and distributes $60,000 in college scholarship awards among the 25 winners. 

This year’s contest drew entries from more than 75 rising and current college and university students. Students had a choice of three trending topics on which to write an essay:

• If you could identify and use one method for generating new interest in the shooting sports or hunting among the general public, what would it be?

• What makes a good mentor, and why are mentors important for a good introduction to shooting, hunting and firearms safety?

• Concerning maintaining Second Amendment rights, why is it important to vote in non-presidential elections?

This year’s grand prize recipient of $8,000 in scholarship money is Sean Anthony, a senior attending the University of Akron. He selected the mentoring topic for his essay. His father (Richard) works for Winchester – Olin Corp. 

First place ($5,000) was awarded to Michigan State University student Madelynne O’Callaghan. Her mother (Christin) is also employed by Winchester – Olin Corp. 

Second place ($3,000) was awarded to Aeden Galles, who attends Eastern Washington University. His father (Donald) works for Vista Outdoor Inc.

Both O’Callaghan and Galles wrote about the importance of voting in non-presidential elections. 

The remaining scholarship money went to 22 additional college and university students, each receiving $2,000 for their submissions.

“We are extremely proud of all of this year’s essay winners. All demonstrated a firm grasp of the issues affecting the industry in which their parents work, as well as the larger picture of the place firearms have in today’s society,” said Samantha Hughes, NSSF manager, member services.

N.C. Ordnance Observes  45th Anniversary

N. C. Ordnance Inc. is celebrating 45 years of producing grips and buttplates for gun makers, importers, dealers and collectors worldwide. 

The company maintains an inventory of over 2,200 quality reproduction grips and buttplates for sale to U.S and foreign consumers via its website. Unique to the site are exact-size line drawings that enable customers to ensure they are ordering the correct make and size for their firearms.

N.C. Ordnance offers grips in engineered urethane, and reproduction grips in ivory-like, stag-like, jig bone, buffalo horn, pearl premium and ram horn. Fossilized walrus ivory and Siberian mammoth ivory grips are available in many models. Combat and target grips are available in walnut, rosewood and goncalo alves woods. 

All products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, with same-day shipping.

Federal Shorty Shotshell Now SAAMI Standardized

Federal Shorty Shotshell

Federal Premium’s 12-gauge 1″ Smooth Bore Barrel cartridge, the Shorty Shotshell, has been approved for industry standardization by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI). 

Technical data and drawings of the newly accepted 12-gauge 1″ SAAMI standards are now published and available to the industry, as well as to the public. The official cartridge name, maximum cartridge and minimum chamber dimensions, pressure limits, test equipment and other characteristics were all considered and scrutinized during the process.

The Shorty Shotshell, available in No. 8 shot, No. 4 buck and rifled slug loads, delivers similar performance to longer, standard shells. 

“This is big news for our new Shorty Shotshell ammunition,” said Rick Stoeckel, Federal’s shotshell product director. “SAAMI’s approval of the cartridge was a crucial step in legitimizing it within the industry. Their work creates industry standards for the cartridge, and will hopefully inspire shotgun manufacturers to purposely build pump-action and semi-auto shotguns to specifically run 1″ loads.”

SAAMI allows free access to technical data and drawings for accepted cartridge and chamber designs. These are posted within New SAAMI Cartridge & Chamber Designs under the Technical Information section at the SAAMI website.

RMEF Unveils Updated Brand

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) has introduced a sleeker, more-modernized brand — its first brand upgrade in more than 10 years.

The organization tweaked its historic bull elk profile, placing a bolder emphasis on its head and antlers while removing RMEF from within the icon and updating the font style. The color has transitioned from red to blue.

“The RMEF brand is an iconic staple throughout the conservation world,” said Steve Decker, RMEF VP of marketing. “This refinement is an effort to modernize the brand while paying respect to the more than 35 years of conservation work enabled by our volunteers, members, partners and other supporters.” 

The RMEF collaborated with Shine United to make the revision. The new branding will be phased in across the entire RMEF spectrum, including retail, marketing, field operations and other areas. Those include the soon-to-be-revamped website, social media platforms, email outreach and other tools.

The mission of the RMEF is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat, as well as preserving the hunting heritage. The past decade has seen record membership growth for the organization, which currently includes approximately 235,000 members. More than 12,000 volunteers serve around 500 RMEF chapters in 49 states.

Some 12,000 RMEF conservation and hunting heritage outreach projects have protected or enhanced 7.5 million acres of prime elk habitat, with a combined value of more than $1.1 billion. Additionally, RMEF has opened or improved access to 1.2 million acres of land. The organization also has assisted with the successful reintroduction of elk onto their historic ranges in seven states and one Canadian province.

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