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Consumers Demand The Latest Technology, Coolest Gadgets.

It’s a technology driven world and high-tech products are inundating the marketplace at a blistering pace. Today’s high-tech savvy customers expect to see the latest hot items in your stores — which presents an enormous challenge in keeping up with the latest trends.

Here is a snapshot of some of the latest high-tech products that are attracting your customers’ attention, from portable power devices to phone accessories and GPS units to cameras. It’s important to note that this is not an all-encompassing “review” — such a presentation likely would require a special edition of Shooting Industry. Yes, the number of high-tech products are that vast, driven by a “must-have, must-have-now” consumer base.

Columbia River Knife & Tool and iNoxCase introduce highly stylized
stainless steel cases to protect the iPhone 5.

Phone Protection

Smartphones increasingly serve as a critical tool in everyday life, and smartphone accessories are quickly emerging as a leading high-tech product for shooters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. With outdoor consumers using their phones for many purposes, it’s understandable that customers aren’t comfortable with leaving their phone behind when it’s time to get to the field.

Enter the SLXtreme smartphone protective case by Snow Lizard, made from polycarbonate materials and featuring a rubber grip for superior protection. The SLX case meets military standard MIL-STD-810 and IP68 dust-tight rating, and can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water. The phone remains completely protected from the elements, while still allowing access to the camera, speakers, touch screen and volume controls.

Otis Technology has partnered with Snow Lizard to promote the high-tech company’s products for shooters, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement personnel. Visit

Columbia River Knife & Tool and iNoxCase have announced the launch of the iNox180 and iNox360 cases aimed at the iPhone 5 accessory market.

The cases offer 180 and 360 degrees of lid rotation, stainless steel construction and hardware, access to all ports and buttons with lid open or closed, visor cutout for easy viewing and maximum clearance for input devices and chargers. Visit

Consumers depend on high-tech products even when they’re on off-the-grid adventures.
Bushnell’s PowerSync solar line includes the SolarBook, SolarWrap and SolarWrap Mini.

Bushnell’s Bear Gryllis Edition BackTrack D-TOUR stores up to
five locations, provides simple distance and direction to each
waypoint and records up to 48 hours of trip data.

Power Up, Stay On Course

Once your outdoor customers have a way to protect their smartphones and other power-hungry, high-tech devices in the field, they need a way to charge them. Portable power devices are a must-have hot item for consumers and Bushnell Outdoors has answered the demand for creative power on the go with PowerSync.

The new line of portable charging units has a unique foldable design, which makes them easy to store in a gear bag. PowerSync absorbs power from the sun and stores it for delivery to devices when they’re plugged into its USB ports. Visit

Just as customers rely on their smart phones as invaluable tools for everyday life in the field, they also rely on GPS devices to help them navigate.

Magellan released the eXplorist 350H GPS, a unit designed specifically for hunters, earlier this year to very positive reviews. The eXplorist 350H provides all the high-tech features hunters have come to expect in a modern GPS unit, including preloaded detailed base maps with Game Management Units (GMU), Digital Globe satellite imagery for virtual scouting, hunting specific waypoints, hunting geofences, trail camera waypoint marking and a camouflage exterior. Visit

Bushnell has partnered with adventurer Bear Grylls, of Bear Grylls Ventures, to introduce two simple GPS devices for adventure-goers. The BackTrack combines advanced GPS technology with a digital compass and simple user interface that allows marking up to three locations. The BackTrack D-TOUR stores up to five locations, provides simple distance and direction to each waypoint and records up to 48 hours of trip data. Visit

Bushnell’s Bear Gryllis Edition BackTrack D-TOUR stores up to five
locations, provides simple distance and direction to each waypoint
and records up to 48 hours of trip data.

Minox DTC 600 Trail Camera features 9-megapixel resolution to produce
sharp color images during the day and black-and-white images at night.

Capture The Moment

Hunters rely heavily on trail and scout cameras to track wildlife movement. Wildlife observers and homeowners, seeing property protection and personal safety, also use the cameras.

Stealth Cam recently introduced the Unit X Ops camera, which features a new ZX7 microprocessor and exclusive TRIAD Technology. These two high-tech features combine to give the camera faster trigger speeds, increased battery life and easier setup.

The Unit X Ops camera shoots in 720P HD video and includes a helpful time-stamping feature for easier editing. Thanks to 38 black infrared emitters, this camera can capture wildlife activity up to 40 feet away, while remaining totally undetected. Visit

Minox has added a camouflage model to its popular DTC 600 Trail Camera line. The black infrared filter in front of the flash makes the unit completely invisible to wildlife. The camera’s video feature captures up to 60 seconds of animal movements.

The DTC 600’s IR-sensor can be adjusted to exclude the recording of unwanted movements caused by twigs, grasses or other irrelevant objects. With a powerful IR-flash range of more than 50 feet, it delivers pin-sharp images even in low-light conditions, and it has an extremely short shutter lag of just over 1 second. Visit

Today, more hunters use rangefinders than ever before.

Nikon’s PROSTAFF 7 Laser Rangefinder is a perfect companion for any hunter, especially for those who use Nikon’s BDC reticles with Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. The rangefinder displays ranges in 0.1-yard increments, with a true 600-yard ranging capability. Readings are shown in an uncluttered view with an improved LCD display, with LED illumination that allows selection of the mode that contrasts best against subject and background. Visit

For 2013, Leupold expands its RX line of compact digital laser rangefinders with four new models: RX-800i, RX-800i TBR, RX-600i and, designed specifically for archers, the RX-FullDraw. At just over four inches in length and weighing 7 ounces or less, each model fits in a shirt pocket.

“These new rangefinders are ideal for the serious bowhunter,” said Pat Mundy, senior marketing manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Their compact size and rugged construction make for easy and reliable use in the field, and they deliver the precision and accuracy necessary to make the most difficult shots considerably less daunting.” Visit

For your customers who want to capture their adventures, offer them Hunter’s Specialties i-KAM XTREME video eyewear. The video glasses feature one-button operation and 4GB of internal memory for up to two hours of recording. They have a built-in audio microphone. Videos can be viewed by simply plugging the glasses into a PC or MAC computer with the supplied USB cable. Visit

Cannon’s new EMP Lock offers a dual-access locking system, combining
the simplicity of an electronic lock and the assurance of manual
combination lock.

Safe And Secure

Once your outdoor customers return home from their adventures, they need a secure place to store their firearms and other gear — including all those high-tech devices.

In safes, customers are frequently forced to choose between the speed and convenience of an electronic lock and the reliability of a mechanical lock. Cannon Safe has introduced the EMP lock, a dual-access locking system.
“Cannon’s EMP lock is the cutting edge of high-security lock technology. It allows the ultimate user experience with the ease and security of a Type 1 high-security lock with the peace of mind of a mechanical override — all of this rolled into the ultimate UL Type 1 rating,” said Aaron Baker, Cannon Safe president.

In the event of an electromagnetic pulse or any disaster that prevents the owner from getting new batteries for the electronic lock, the manual dial on the EMP Lock will still provide access. Visit

GunVault offers the option of its No-Eyes keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner in the new TacVault. The new unit answers the need for long-gun storage, especially for the many consumers who rely on modern sporting rifles and tactical shotguns for home defense.

The TacVault can hold any tactical shotgun or modern sporting rifle, while still fitting conveniently into a closet. It also has a shelf for extra storage. Visit

Importance Of High-Tech Products

We live in a tech-savvy world, and customers want to own the new and exciting products that will improve their outdoor experience. There are a tremendous number of products on the market — with more being introduced every day. They will satisfy your customer’s craving for the latest gadgets — and significantly contribute to your profits.
By J.K. Autry

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