Mountain Khakis Survey: Yes, Pants Are Versatile

A new survey from Mountain Khakis reviews more than 80 percent of men default to khakis when they aren’t sure what to wear. Mountain Khakis, of the Freedom Group family of companies, markets their pants as “The Best Damn Khakis.” They liken the wardrobe choice to a Swiss Army knife, in that khakis are a versatile tool that can go anywhere with you.

The survey provides evidence encouraging dealers to carry khakis as a stable in their inventory. In addition, the survey offers insight into the lighter side of men’s attitudes.

“Khakis take men everywhere they want to go, from the boat to the boardroom, from a day of hiking to a date, from yard work to a wedding,” said Jen Taylor Muhr, creative director for Mountain Khakis.

More than 60 percent of men in the survey said that when it comes to pants, khakis make them feel most confident. “You can fish, hunt, go to work, a date … all in the same pant. They can be spruced up or laid back, just by changing the shirt or shoes,” one respondent said. Almost half of those responding to the survey reported wearing khakis to a wedding. Just over 5 percent of respondents said they wore khakis to their own wedding.

More than one-quarter of respondents reported owning seven or more pairs of khakis, and more than half reported owning five or more pairs. As for commitment to their khakis, 47 percent said they have a pair of khakis older than their current relationship. Almost 45 percent have khakis that are five years or older, and 6 percent have khakis that span more than a decade.

Sixty percent of respondents said they would rather give up beer than their favorite pair of khakis. Also, in a statistic with even greater implications, almost one in three said they would rather give up their girlfriend. However, only 12 percent reported being willing to give up their dog.

How do the ladies feel about men in khakis? Ninety-six percent of women said they like a guy in khakis. More than half of female respondents said a man in khakis is sexier than in jeans. The survey did not address whether women ever wear khakis.

Mountain Khakis offers a wide range of khaki pants for men — and, yes, women too, along with other outerwear. For more information on Mountain Khakis, visit

Parker Bows Offers Dealers Rewards

Kicking off its second year, Parker Bows has launched its 2013 Parker Rewards Program. The Rewards Program provides dealers an opportunity to earn a free, personal-use Parker bow or crossbow.

In order to qualify for the program, dealers must be a Retail Sales Associate that sells new Parker bows or crossbows. For each crossbow or bow sold between June 1 and Nov. 30, 2013, the Sales Associate can register the sales to earn Parker Bucks that can be used for the free Parker bow or crossbow.

“We are enthusiastic about launching the Parker Rewards Program for a second year,” said Rob Mason, president of Parker Bows. “It is an excellent incentive for sales associates, and it creates a real win-win for the retailer and their employees.”

For selling 17 compound bows or crossbows, a Retail Sales Associate can earn enough Parker Bucks to receive a free crossbow, including the top-selling Challenger or Enforcer. For selling 10, a dealer can earn Parker Bucks for a compound bow, such as the new Eagle or the popular SideKick youth model.

For more information, visit the Parker Rewards website at or call (540) 337-5426.

MGM Drops Price On Attack Target

MGM Targets’ continual improvements and technological advancements on its products have allowed the company to drop prices on the Attack Target by 40 percent. Originally selling for $2,499, the Attack Target is now available for $1,499.

The Attack Target is designed to graphically demonstrate a threat, closing a gap of 21 feet in 1.5 seconds. Considering that law enforcement officers are typically required to wear a holster that will prevent a suspect from stealing his or her gun, acquiring the skill to draw and fire accurately in under 1.5 seconds is critical.

“We would like to see this in every law enforcement agency across the United States,” said Mike Gibson, president of MGM Targets. “With this reduction of price, we know it will be reasonable for departments to afford. This is the best training tool for a member of law enforcement or military to understand how quickly a perpetrator can close a distance of 21 feet. We hope this will allow them to recognize this threat and take their training and skills to the next level.”

The Attack Target is completely self-contained and requires no outside power source. It operates on a coil system that pulls the trolley down a modular track system. A trigger device allows the instructor to initiate the “attack.” The target can also be turned, so the target moves left to right for a shooter to practice engaging a target traveling laterally.

For more information, visit and click “Categories” then “Attack Target,” or call 1-888-767-7371.

Vandalia Range & Armory Earns Five Star Rating

Vandalia Range & Armory in Vandalia, Ohio, is the latest range to receive a Five Star rating from NSSF. A Five Star rating reflects a range’s excellence in all aspects of management and operations.

“This facility is a great example of what we look for in Five Star ranges,” said Zach Snow, NSSF manager of shooting promotions. “Vandalia Range & Armory offers quality customer service combined with a clean and presentable appearance that makes any visitor feel welcome the first time they step foot in the door or on the range.” Visit Vandalia Range & Armory at

NSSF rates ranges on appearance, management, customer service, amenities, customer development and community relations. Visit to view a list of all Four and Five Star ranges.
By J.K. Autry

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