Life Sentence For Faulty Memory

Fortunately for LaDondrell Montgomery, there’s no felony crime for being lame in the brain in Texas; however, he nearly did the time. LaDondrell, 36, had so many previous convictions that after being convicted of a particular armed robbery, he was sentenced to life in prison. That was last November. A week later in December, he was exonerated and released. How’d that happen?

After the trial, some unnamed person in the system noticed LaDondrell was locked up in a county jail when that robbery was committed. The facts were verified, and the prosecutor immediately filed for Montgomery’s release. The evidence against him was very convincing at trial, and neither LaDondrell himself — who testified at his own trial — or his defense attorney ever brought up the fact that he was in the clink at time of said robbery. It turns out the prosecutor didn’t know it, the defense lawyer never checked the records, and LaDondrell? He said he’d been in and out of jail so many times in his life that he didn’t remember being locked up at that time.

A piece of advice, LaDondrell: Keep a diary! Even if you have to use crayons and draw stick figures of yourself. On any day you’re in jail, draw the stick figure behind bars. On days you’re not, no bars, LaDondrell!

Just thought I’d make that clear. I don’t think we’re dealing with a Rhodes Scholar here.

By Commander Gilmore

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