LaserLyte® LT-LR Laser Trainer for .22 Caliber Firearms

LaserLyte® announces the new LT-LR Laser Trainer for .22 caliber firearms. This device fits on all .22 caliber weapons by mounting in the barrel. A sound activated switch shows the bullet’s impact with a laser dot. Every time the firearm’s hammer or striker fires, the small laser dot will flash for 100 milliseconds, simulating bullet impact.

The LaserLyte® LT-LR installs from the muzzle of the barrel and fits tight with the use of LaseLyte’s patented arbor and taper system. The system will fit firearms chambered in .22LR, .22WMR, .22 Short, .22 Long and .223 with a minimum of a 1.875-inch barrel. The LT-LR will also fit calibers that are similar to a .22 bullet, such as .22-250 and .220 Swift.

The device protrudes less than one inch past a gun barrel’s end.

Ideal for instructing a new sport shooting student or honing shooting skills, the LaserLyte® LT-LR is versatile, allowing for effective laser training at any location, home, range, classroom or office.

The LT-LR can be used to train with a favorite firearm but LaserLyte® strongly recommends the use of snap caps.

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LaserLyte® LT-LR Specifications:

Compatible Firearms: 1.875-inch barrel required. Fits calibers: .22LR, .22WMR, .22 Short, .22 Long, .223 Rem
Activation: Sound of striker or hammer
Batteries: 1 x 1632 Lithium
Battery Life: 10,000 shots
Weight: 5 ounces/0.1417 kg
Length: 3.0 inches
Minimum Diameter: 0.20 inches
Maximum Diameter: 0.76 inches
MSRP: $109.95


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