L.E & Tactical Gear You May Have Missed at SHOT

By Mark Kakkuri

Whether your preferred product category of the SHOT Show is hunting or concealed carry or handguns or whatever, the sheer size of the convention facility and vast amount of gear to look at typically overwhelms even the most seasoned attendee. If your preferred category is law enforcement and tactical gear, the situation is the same: lots of guns and gear to see, hold and put on your store wish list. To boost in-store sales, here are five items from the L.E./tactical category you may have missed.


Barrett REC7

You’re probably more familiar with Barrett as the maker of the semi-automatic .50-caliber sniper rifle, but the company makes some MSR variants, too. The REC7, for example, offers an ultra-dependable carbine-style rifle with an operating system that separates heat and powder residue from the bolt carrier and trigger assembly. As a result, the REC7 runs cooler and cleaner. And that means it lasts longer and needs less maintenance. At the core of the REC7 is the Barrett Enhanced Bolt, specifically designed for this piston-operated gun. It’s made from high-strength 9310 steel, proofed and magnetic-particle inspected to ensure problem-free operation. As for the upper and lower receivers: forged 7075 aluminum with Type 3 Class 2 hardcoat anodization with a Cerakote finish. M4 feed ramps are machined into the receiver and the barrel extension in the upper and the chrome-lined, hammer-forged barrel is free-floating. Available in 5.56 NATO and 6.8 SPC, REC7 varies in price (depending on configuration) and ships with one magazine, a six-position stock, and an enhanced triggerguard.


Gunsite Carbine Training

While training is not something you can pick up and look at during SHOT, Gunsite’s highly regarded team was at the show — engaging with attendees and reminding them to not just “gear up” but also “train up” with their gear. If you can get to Gunsite’s main facility in Paulden, Ariz., do it. Take a weeklong class in whatever area you need to bolster — handgun, shotgun, carbine — and wonder how you ever got along before the training. What you learn there may help in future efforts to sell defensive firearms and accessories to customers. Or consider one of Gunsite’s off-site classes, such as the Indiana 123 Carbine class. Indiana 123 Carbine takes place at a sheriff’s facility in, no surprise, the great state of Indiana. You’ll get instruction on platforms including the MSR, Mini 14, SCAR Light, and AK-74. Students learn how to load and unload the rifle and how to shoot from conventional and unconventional shooting positions. At the very least, your experiences would make for some good conversations from behind the counter.


Advantage Tactical Dark Diamond Sights

Sighting systems for handguns all aim for the same target: make it easier for a shooter to accurately fire. Night sights aim to improve the same thing but in lower-light conditions. While always recognizing and following the basic rules of gun safety — especially knowing the target — we understand that sighting system preferences and even quality of eyesight may change over time. Enter the Advantage Tactical Dark Diamond Sights, a sighting system that includes a bright red (or other color) diamond as the front sight and a basic black rear sight with a cutout. When the sights are properly aligned, the front sight completes the top of the rear sight, offering a clear sight picture. Moreover, the front sight is a light-gathering sight. So when “charged” it’ll glow in low-light conditions, making it easier to see. Dark Diamond sights are available for a number of handguns.


PrOlix Lubricant

Cleaning supplies and gear were also rampant at SHOT. Once known as dangerous chemicals that require plenty of ventilation during use, some cleaning solution manufacturers have created solvents that are much more human-friendly. And gun-friendly, too. PrOlix Lubricant cleans, preserves and lubricates using a substance based on citrus technology which is biodegradable and ozone-safe. This means it’s not harmful if it happens to get on skin or on a gun’s plastic frame. This does not mean it is less effective. In fact, it’s just as good if not better than other petroleum-based solvents on the market and has a unique “dry lube” feature to it. No, it’s not a graphite dust. Rather, when your customer uses PrOlix, it creates a protective skin or film that is renewed each time it is used. PrOlix says this prevents contaminates from adhering or attaching, making follow-up cleaning easier. Prolix prices vary by size but come in small dropper bottles to large refill canisters.


Tactica irM4 & irVest

Tactica’s mission is to replicate real-world scenarios, reduce training costs and maximize training time. As such, the company offers training gear (for purchase or rent) that puts life-like replica weaponry in the hands of soldiers or police officers, allowing them to not only practice tactics and shooting scenarios but also be able to know whether shots taken are registering hits on targets. Tactica’s irM4 can be outfitted with whatever duty gear is used normally. In use, the muzzle flashes brightly, there’s live noise and recoil, and two modes of fire. A Smartmag ammo accountability system keeps track of shots fired and the need for a reload. The irM4 syncs wirelessly with the irVest — recording accuracy of shots and other data. It also houses sensors for receiving weapon shots while offering standard MOLLE attachment for duty gear. The irVest also communicates with other training simulation equipment, up to a mile away, and provides visual and audio cues to the wearer to track hits.

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