Is It Just Me, Or Is It Kinda Chilly In Here?

The family of an unidentified 80-year-old man in South Africa called the morgue to come and pick up grandpa after he apparently succumbed to age, chronic asthma and heart failure. The attendant checked for pulse and heartbeat, both zero, then loaded the cadaver into the van. At the Johannesburg morgue, other onlookers concurred, and the deceased was tagged, slabbed and pushed into the Big Fridge.

He had been chillin’ out for about 20 hours when morgue attendants heard a high, thin ghostly voice crying out, “Where am I? Help!”
Staff members, who knew there were no living humans in the area that voice was coming from, drew the obvious conclusion: It was evil spirits, or, at the very least, a confused soul who didn’t understand he had lost corporeal comms. They refused to go look.

The boss man, Ayanda Maqolo, admitted he was scared, but couldn’t show fear in front of his employees.

“So … I called the police,” he said.

Yeah! That’s showin’ some courage, Ayanda! The police arrived posthaste, and with Ayanda boldly pickin’ up “rear guard” duties, they began checking the Big Fridge. They soon pulled their pale, shivering “ghost” off the ice. He blinked and asked, “How did I get here?”

He must be one tough old bird. Within hours he was declared stable, cleared and released by a local hospital.

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