Industry In Full-Hiring Mode

Companies throughout the industry are hiring at a pace that may be record setting. I maintain a close watch on hirings, personnel changes and new-position creation in the industry, and what is happening now goes beyond the shuffling of veteran personnel from one company to another. Yes, that is still occurring, but there is a noted surge in new personnel to fill new positions.

Of note is the number of hirings for positions in marketing, business development, sales, distribution, customer service, promotions and social media. Given the hiring pace, it’s obvious companies are expanding and scrambling to meet the demands created by the robust sales the industry continues to enjoy.

The strong sales, and the impact the industry is having in an economic environment that still struggles to recover, has caught the attention of other industries and the media. The information in NSSF’s “Economic Impact Report,” released in April, received wide coverage in the media and the Internet.

While some major media organizations managed to “miss” the story, others gave prominent coverage of the number of jobs the industry added from 2008 through 2011 and their economic impact.

And the numbers are impressive: a 30.6 percent increase in jobs, and a 66.5 percent increase in the amount of federal taxes paid by companies within the industry.
For the most part, those who run companies within the industry are very conservative when it comes to rapid expansion and forecasting over-the-top increases in sales. For the few who have ventured in that risky direction, most have suffered the impact of outrunning their headlights.

Fortunately, that does not appear to be the case in what is happening now. Beyond scrambling to meet the demands of the present marketplace, the hiring and the creating of new positions is a welcome, healthy indication that companies are confident in the future.

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By Russ Thurman

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