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Our Sponsors Are The Bee’s Knees!

Welcome to this year’s salute to the sponsors of the Masters! They are the cat’s meow! Thanks to them, we’re putting on the Ritz at our 13th annual Industry Family Reunion.

This year, the Masters celebrates the Roaring Twenties, as we welcome a lot of big cheeses, flappers, hard-boiled cats and even a few torpedoes to this industry-only shooting event. Oh, yes, everything is Jake!

More than 400 shooters from companies throughout the industry will take part in the 2015 edition of the Shooting Industry Masters, which will be held at Claythorne Lodge in Columbus, Kan., July 24-25.

We have more fun surprises for those stepping to the Masters firing line to shoot our handgun, rifle and shotgun stages. Returning this year is our Airsoft Team Tactics stage, which was one of the highlights of last year’s Masters. We’ll also have 20 side matches — yes, there will be plenty of trigger time!

As we put the final planning touches on this year’s Masters, we’re once again reminded of the overwhelming support we receive from companies, large and small, throughout the industry.

“The people who are the shooting industry and who support this event are, without question, the most generous, adventurous and spirited group of individuals anywhere. We tip our caps humbly for their unconditional support, and their collective efforts to grow and preserve the shooting sports,” said Randy Molde, Masters chairman and FMG Publications VP of business development.

For The Fun Of It

The Shooting Industry Masters is not your typical shooting competition. In truth, “competition” doesn’t really apply. Sure, there are highly competitive participants who want to shoot their best or even outshoot all others.

Mostly, however, the Masters imbues good-natured competition among teams and individual shooters. And, since we don’t announce the scores, most of those who step to the firing line do so for the “fun” of it. In addition, not announcing the scores elevates to extraordinary levels farfetched tales of shooting prowess — for the “fun” of it.

A key to creating this “fun” environment is who we allow to enter teams. The Masters is an industry-only event. It’s not open to the public, nor do we seek media coverage. This creates an environment for those in the industry to really relax and enjoy the wide-range of shooting opportunities, to see old friends, develop new ones — to fully embrace the camaraderie of the industry.

It’s about family. It’s about CEOs, shipping clerks, presidents, engineers, sales reps, dealers, machinists and those who work in the mailroom stepping away from their daily demands to enjoy shooting and, perhaps, even gain an appreciation for different segments of the industry.

While having all this fun, we’re also committed to supporting the future of the shooting sports and the industry. Since 2008, we have raised nearly $300,000 for NSSF’s First Shots program.

“Getting prospective recreational shooters with diverse backgrounds to take that all-important ‘first shot’ is so important to our entire industry. With partners like FMG Publications — and the support of the record number of competitors who come out to the Shooting Industry Masters to have fun and contribute to the ongoing success of First Shots — the future of the shooting sports will remain bright,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO.

We also raise money for USA Shooting, an organization we have proudly sponsored for many years. We’ve raised nearly $62,000 for USA Shooting, and will support the team again this year.

Worth It?

Recently we were asked to explain the value of taking part in the Masters. The true benefits cannot be neatly placed on a spreadsheet. However, many representatives from companies throughout the industry say “It our favorite, must-attend event of the year.”

“The Masters brings even the competition together and unites for First Shots and overall support of the industry. We’re really proud to sponsor the Masters and be part of it every year,” said Jason Nash, Vista Outdoor director of marketing.

“It’s such a fantastic opportunity to be out here and participate in what it is that we do. It reminds us why we’re here, why we do our jobs and it’s a great opportunity for us to get together and get behind First Shots and NSSF and help them continue in what their goals are,” said Rachel VandeVoort, Kimber Manufacturing trade relations manager.

“The Shooting Industry Masters is the premiere shooting event that represents our livelihood and passion, The FMG team has continued to put time and effort into a hugely fun event where we in the industry can get together and talk policies, marketing, and industry trends all under the guise of pulling triggers — what a concept. I’ll be there and we’re thrilled to support the event!” said Randy E. Luth, Luth-AR LLC president.

“Ten or 12 years ago when I came to my first Masters, it was such a great event. We work so hard all year and this is a time for us to come out and see a lot of people in the industry that we deal with, other manufacturers and customers. It’s just a time to stop and have fun shooting and catching up with everyone,” said Tom Taylor, SIG SAUER VP of marketing and commercial sales.

For those who are joining us at this year’s Family Reunion, “Grab your fedora, zoot suit or flapper outfit, we got the roscoes, stacks of ammo and more laughs than at any glitzy speakeasy on the Westside, see!”

Thank you from
Team FMG Publications

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