Holiday Gift Ideas For Lady Shooters

By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

Predicting trends in the shooting industry post-election requires the powers of a psychic. One trend dealers can predict, however, is as the holiday season kicks into high gear, firearms enthusiasts will be looking for the perfect gift for the women in their lives — and many women shooters may just purchase a little something for themselves. Here’s a list of items that are sure to be a hit with your female clientele.

“The Huntress”

Weatherby’s launch of the Women of Weatherby showed their commitment to women in the shooting sports. Their goal was to create a forum where women could share their love of hunting and benefit from the experience of a core of women hunters. They furthered their commitment to women by creating the Camilla women’s rifle based on Weatherby’s popular Vanguard series of rifles.

The Camilla stock was developed with the input of women to fit an extensive range of body types. The rifle butt sports a negative angle, reduced heel-to-toe dimension and the toe is angled away from the body to accommodate a woman’s curves. The high comb and Monte Carlo cheekpiece were designed to give women the best cheek weld and eye-to-scope alignment. The pistol grip has a slim radius, trigger finger groove and short grip-to-trigger reach for consistent trigger contact. Finally, the 13-inch length-of-pull reduces weight and overall length, creating a more compact, balanced and faster-handling rifle. Available in .223 Rem., .243 Win., .308 Win. and 7mm-08 Rem., the Camilla would be a joy for any lady hunter to own.


Propper 4PV-FEM Vest


Weatherby Vanguard Camilla

“The Practical-Tactical Pro”

Personal-defense firearms are a highly individual choice, but the GLOCK 43 in 9mm may prove to be one of the most popular carry guns ever. GLOCK’s reliability makes them a number-one choice with personal defense-minded women and L.E. professionals. The subcompact GLOCK 43 is a slimline semi-auto, so it fits well in most women’s hands. The length is just 6.26 inches and it weighs in at just over 22 oz. fully loaded with six rounds, making the GLOCK 43 an ideal CCW gun.

One of the most versatile CCW holster options is the Sticky Holster. Constructed with an ultra-sticky material that adheres to almost any fabric and uses pressure provided by a woman’s own clothing to hold a firearm in place, the Sticky Holster offers a variety of concealed-carry options. The modular system used by Sticky means a firearm can be carried IWB, inside a pocket, in an ankle rig or even a tactical/armored vest. The Sticky Holster’s low price point and wide-variety of uses make it an ideal stocking stuffer.

Women L.E. professionals will appreciate the gift of safety with Propper’s 4PV-FEM Vest. This vest uses a unique four-panel system to prevent riding up and bunching, and was designed from the ground up for the female officer. Traditional two-panel vests offer front and back protection, but don’t always offer the correct protection on the sides. Propper’s modular side panels are sized to the individual woman. This vest is also lighter than other designs, making it more comfortable to wear.


Gun Tote’n Mamas Distressed Buffalo Clutch

There’s a certain segment of the female shooting population that just can’t live without color and bling. The gift giving and receiving options for these ladies are plentiful. The holiday season is a chance to highlight some of the more colorful and shiny products available to women. Most companies offer some sort of T-shirt or hat in bright colors with blinged-out lettering. Display these prominently throughout the holiday sales season, and encourage shoppers to purchase them as add-on items to coordinate with firearm purchases.

Hearing protection is an accessory women can use to really express their inner diva. Pro Ears Gold Series line of electronic earmuffs come in a wide range of colors and patterns from pink zebra to black and gray skulls. Enhanced technology means these muffs not only block out gunshots, but shooters can listen to music while they practice with the use of a mini-jack attached to their phone. The Gold Series is also available in a slim version.

A quality purse holster is also a must for a lady shooter. Gun Tote’n Mamas have proved to be one of the most popular purse holster lines today. Their wide variety of products and affordable pricing make them a hit with women. One of their latest offerings, the Distressed Buffalo Leather Clutch, sports a bit of shine to catch the eye and a distressed patina. Designed for either left- or right-hand use, a special CCW compartment zips open on three sides and incorporates special padding to prevent imprinting. Included is a standard holster designed by Mernickle Holsters. A cross-body length slash resistant shoulder strap is reinforced with 11-ply steel cable for added security. The roomy main compartment holds necessities and the outside flap covers slot pockets with space for cards, phones, etc.

For customers who just can’t let go of their designer purses but want to carry a handgun, the Packin’ Neat is the perfect gift. A simple insert, the Packin’ Neat turns any purse into a tactical purse holster. This combination purse organizer and holster sports five pockets and a holster compartment with magnetic closure, able to hold a firearm in an upright position. Made of durable nylon, the Packin’ Neat comes in three sizes, The Boss (large), Tactical (medium) and Mini (small), so there’s a size to fit every handbag. Packin’ Neat also has a line of bullet jewelry featuring Swarovski crystals, which make great gift items as well.

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