HiViz Litewave Sights

“Ya Gotta See ‘Em To Hit With ‘Em…”

By Tank Hoover

HiViz has added versatility and visibility to their fine line of fiber optic sights with their brighter, newly designed LiteWave front and rear sight’s, available for you pistol-packin’ people. The front and rear metal injection molded steel cage has light absorbing cut-outs allowing more light in from any angle, providing you a consistent, brighter sight picture, while also protecting the LitePipe when drawing and holstering your gun.

The easy, proprietorial pop-in polymer LitePipes make the HiViz LiteWave sights the wave of the future. Pistol-packers now have the option of choosing what color combo LitePipe they want in either green, red, black or white, depending on what color your eyes see best.

Change-out of colors is quick and easy with the factory-included key to punch-out and pop-in your LitePipe with a resounding “lock-in” click design. The key also conveniently carries your multi-colored LitePipes, providing safe storage. The HiViz LiteWave uses natural ambient light, making batteries unnecessary. I like these sights and the “interchangability” factor with the several contrasting color combos possible, depending on what your target happens to be that day.

Whether punching paper, popping pop cans, or personal protection, HiViz LiteWave sights can fill the needs of each and every shooter, no matter what color your eyes see best.
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