Help Your Customers Obtain Excellence

Owners of general sporting goods stores know that customers hugely appreciate staff who can make them better at the game they play. Soon, that store becomes their home away from home. These customers like doing well at a pastime they enjoy doing, so they pursue the activity more. And, they buy their equipment from the shop that put them on the path to excellence.

There’s no reason the same dynamic won’t work for the gun shop owner. Help the defensively oriented firearms owner become skilled and more competent at the armed defense — and you have a very happy customer on your hands.

As an experienced dealer, you know that fitting the gun to the customer is extremely important. But even when a gun fits a customer perfectly and is suited to the given task, developing the skill to use the firearm isn’t simple. There just isn’t time for a full tutorial on shooting skills and deadly force between closing the sale and filling out the 4473. Therefore, the training side of the business should be considered a separate, aftermarket service.

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