Help Your Customers Give The Gift Of Responsibility

Christmas is upon us, traditionally the boon season in American retailing. Some sellers insist the rest of the year is subsistence, and Christmas is when they make their profit. Of course, retail firearms dealers aren’t just “some sellers.”
Some of us are old enough to remember when late-in-the-year editions of gun magazines and sporting publications would overflow with ads depicting Santa Claus setting a shotgun among the Christmas gifts, or a kid opening a box with his first .22 under the tree. Sadly, we don’t see that so much now.

Public school teachers, the media and other forces have demonized firearms in the public eye. The Sarah Bradys of the world seem to be horrified that a firearm might be considered a suitable gift in the season of “peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.” Of course, that would be the same Sarah Brady who got in trouble with her fan base a few years ago when she bought a rifle as a gift for her son.

Before we leave the subject of Mrs. Brady, let’s examine a lesson we can learn from her experience. (No, I don’t mean the lesson of hypocrisy.) Newspaper pundits and gun enthusiasts alike wondered why she wasn’t arrested for making the dreaded “straw man purchase” — buying a gun for someone else.

You know buying a firearm as a gift is not a crime. But there are many people who would love to come into your shop and purchase firearms as gifts — but they don’t, because they have doubts about the legal aspects.

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