Heizer PKO45

“Built From The Ground-Up With Concealed Carry In Mind”

By Tank Hoover

Being the World’s thinnest .45 acp pistol at .8” thick and made from the same space-age stainless steel used in fighter-jet landing gear, the PKO45 is a sleek, strong, and innovatively designed pistol. Its iron-flat, snag-free design ensures smooth concealment and easy drawing.

The most unique feature of the PKO45 is its 2 ¾” non-rotating, fixed-barrel, under guide-rod design. This allows a lower bore axis and less muzzle-rise — with straight-back recoil — while firing. In layman’s terms, it reduces muzzle flip.

The fixed barrel also allows for a reliable, straight-feed design, allowing chambering of hollow point, wadcutter or any other bullet design. It’s also conducive to extreme accuracy, shooting as well as 5”-barreled, custom 1911’s. Because of this the PKO45 is sighted in at 25 yards rather than the customary 7-yard sight-in for guns of this size.

The PKO45 comes with a passive front strap safety and ambidextrous rear safety, along with a visible, protruding loaded chamber indicator that can be felt in the dark or while concealed. Takedown does not require pulling the trigger. It’s simply a matter of turning and removing the takedown lever. The short, single-action trigger pull is factory set at 6-8 pounds and has a very short re-set allowing for quick follow-up shots.

The PKO45 has an internal hammer and is available in ghost gray, copperhead, champagne and technical black. It comes with HiViz LiteWave front and rear sights. The Heizer PKO45 is a modern, space-age gun with space-age features that will shoot and will be available in March of 2017.

For more Information go to: ://americanhandgunner.com/company/heizer-defense/

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