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It is a generally accepted fact in the firearms industry: The average age of “civilian” gun owners is creeping upward. Many of your best customers, enthusiastic gun collectors and shooters are getting older — and becoming, like myself, “gun geezers.”

In addition, in troubled economic times, we’re seeing some folks who have reached retirement age without feeling the need to own a firearm, but are developing that need now.

When catering to the youth market, the big thing is finding a gun that fits a still-growing body. At the opposite end of the age demographic scale, it’s more a matter of finding one that’s easier to operate effectively with deteriorating physical strength and eyesight.

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Combined light and laser sights — such as the Streamlight TLR-2 seen
on an FNP-45 — make sense for older eyes.

Counteract Fading Eyesight

For every aging gun enthusiast who drops out of the shooting league because of arthritis or failing strength, there will be several more who sadly give it up because they can’t see a clear sight picture any longer. You can come to their rescue with technology.

In iron sights, we have the brilliant idea Gary Paul Johnston came up with, and Wayne Novak implemented: The “ghost ring” aperture rear sight cut in half horizontally. It’s called the “Ghost” rear sight, available for many popular handguns from Novak’s at

Another ingenious sighting concept I’ve personally had great success with is the Advantage Tactical, designed by Richard Nasif. I’ve won pistol matches with these on a Glock 17. Big, bright-colored lines on the rear sight create a pyramid effect that is topped by a likewise easy-to-see tip, which is the front sight. They’re also available for several popular home-defense shotguns. Visit

Trijicon’s RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) is a red-dot optical sight designed to mount at the back of an auto pistol’s slide. Intended to be compact enough for concealed carry, the RMR allows very fast shooting for any habituated user, particularly those whose current vision allows them to identify the target, but doesn’t let them see conventional sights very well. Visit
Story By Massad Ayoob

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  1. Barb

    Good article, and very true for our area. We have sight paint, that we offer to touch up sights for people. Just another way of bringing back the customer.


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