Grips Add A Splash Of Personality To Handguns

Customizing a firearm can mean building a dream gun, or adding small, personalized touches to make a gun reflect its owner’s interests and personality.

Some of your customers may dream of having a beautifully engraved sixgun, while others hope to be the proud owners of a fuchsia modern sporting rifle (AR). A quick search online shows women have let their imaginations run wild when it comes to customizing guns, as pink Hello Kitty firearms with sparkles are alarmingly common.
Not all of your customers want to spend the money for a totally custom gun, however. Some women want just a splash of color to make their gun stand out, and they don’t always want it to be a permanent change.

Colored aftermarket grips are a great way for your customers to add a personal touch to their favorite firearm without going to a gunsmith, or irrevocably changing their gun. The stunning array of colors, textures and finishes offered on aftermarket grips provide endless possibilities for self-expression. Also, because the grips are easily changed out, once your customer decides neon green is passé, she can come to you to buy new grips in this season’s hottest color.
Story By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

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