Functional Fashion Drives Gun Girls Inc.

By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

Behind many new gun-related products for women stands a woman who couldn’t find a product to fit her needs and thought, “I can make what I want — and if I want it, other women will too.” This scenario is precisely what inspired Susan Kushlin, the founder of Gun Girls Inc., to develop her own line of purse holsters and firearm-related clothing. When she first got into shooting, Kushlin said, she’d go to gun shows and couldn’t find any clothing to fit her style. Since she had a background in fashion, Kushlin thought she could fill a need for shooting-related clothing that represented women in a fashionable and ladylike way.

“Women don’t want to look like men when they shoot,” Kushlin said. “Any woman can wear anything in my line and feel like a lady. We as women should be able to know how to protect ourselves. Why not look good while we do it?”

The Gun Girls line began with purse holsters. “The handbag line sells very well,” she observed. “All of the handbags are very high quality and the price point is great — the most expensive one is $84!” There are several bags in the line ranging from clutches to totes.

One of the most popular purse holsters is the Black Cross Body tote. “These bags are so much fun and they’re just perfect for women who work,” Kushlin said. The tote’s features include a holster pocket that runs the height and length of the bag, and is accessible from both sides. Kushlin designed the holster system herself and said the Velcro on the pockets and holster keep the gun totally secure. “The gun stays where you want it to be,” she informed.

Gun Girls also has an apparel line designed by Kushlin. “I wasn’t trying to be political with the line,” she noted. “I’m embracing the fact we’re able to shoot and be trained and defend ourselves. The more trained we are, the better off we’ll be.” The clothing consists of fashion-forward, gun-related tanks, tees, tops, belts and hats — all sporting the Gun Girls logo and featuring embroidery and bling.

“My thing is to be fashionable and functional, not tactical,” she said. “Everything in the line can be worn shooting, and out and about. I want women to feel like a lady while showing the world they shoot.” All of the clothing is flattering to women no matter what their size or shape, she added.


Gun Girls offers a compact display, which can fit easily into any in-store location.


Responding to feedback from end users, Gun Girls introduced a line
of onesies for babies. According to Kushlin, they’ve been very popular —
selling out on a frequent basis.

Bestsellers, Plans For Expanded In-Store Presence

Two of Gun Girls’ bestselling clothing items are the camo T-shirt with the Gun Girls logo in rhinestones and a belt that sports Swarovski crystals. The belt looks like a fashion-only item, but Kushlin assured it would accommodate a holster.

Another top seller for Gun Girls is their line of baby onesies. Kushlin has received a lot of requests from couples for something cute and firearm-related for their babies. The line of onesies and bibs come in a variety of colors, including pink and green camo, and have cute gun-related sayings embroidered on them. They’re so popular Kushlin noted, they sell out on a regular basis.

Naturally, once mom and the kids were decked out in fashion-forward gun-related gear, men’s clothing was the next step. The men’s line consists of T-shirts and hats proclaiming support for Gun Girls.

Gun Girls has had a very strong online presence and Kushlin added she’s now focused on expanding an in-store presence with firearm retailers. The company offers wholesale packages custom designed for any budget. Also, to make things very easy for retailers wishing to carry their products, Gun Girls offers complete, self-contained in-store mobile stands — which act as Gun Girls “stores” and can be placed anywhere.

Kushlin underlined she can work with any size budget and give a good representation of the Gun Girls product line. The price point of their products (all less than $85) will make them highly attractive to customers. She informed the average markups are between 40–100 percent depending on the type of product.

If you’re looking to add some fashionable gun-related clothing to your retail establishment, Gun Girls is an excellent option. The space-saving display and value pricing make stocking the products a win-win proposition for dealers. Visit


Lady Whitetail .50 cal Rifle

Lady Whitetail Appeal

The limited edition series of Lady Whitetail rifles by Traditions is now available. Built on Traditions’ Pursuit G4 Ultralight platform, the Chromoly tapered, fluted barrel and LT-1 alloy frame keep the gun light and balanced. The Soft Touch camo stock provides an overall good feeling when handling the rifle and enables a sure grip. The Dual Safety system includes an internal hammer block safety and trigger block safety making this gun one of the safest on the market.

The Lady Whitetail series is available with a 26-inch, .50-caliber barrel with Tactical Grey Premium Cerakote finish and 209 shotgun primer ignition. The forend and stock are given a fresh look with Hot Leaf camo. A 3-9×40 Matte black rangefinding scope (mounted and boresighted), deluxe carrying case and sling complete the package.

Another feature women will appreciate is Traditions’ new Quick-T Ramrod Handle. It functions like a palm saver and T-handle all in one, making it easier and more comfortable to load the rifle. It has a T-shaped piece with brass jag that can screw in, allowing the ramrod to function like a work or cleaning rod. The Quick-T Ramrod Handle sits on the ramrod when it is in the storage position on the rifle.

Mother-daughter hunting duos will love the fact the Lady Whitetail series also includes a Youth model with a 24-inch, .50-caliber barrel. Like the other version, the Youth model has a mounted and boresighted 3-9×40 Matte Black rangefinding scope. It also has a reduced length of pull at 13 inches, and the shortened barrel make this the perfect gun for smaller-framed shooters or children.

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