FNH USA Sends The Message: Tread Lightly!

“It’s Like Shooting Ourselves In The Foot!” That’s the message from Tread Lightly! — and FNH USA.

“With an alarming trend in public land closures to recreational shooters, there has never been a better time for our company to get involved with an organization like Tread Lightly!,” said Mark Cherpes, FNH USA president and CEO.
FNH USA is now an official corporate sponsor of Tread Lightly! and its national initiative to protect and enhance recreational access, along with promoting outdoor ethics.

“We hope our partnership will create momentum within the firearms industry and encourage other companies to get involved with this worthy cause,” Cherpes said.

FNH USA’s collaboration will help advance Tread Lightly!’s mission and promote the nonprofit organization’s creative “Respected Access Is Open Access” campaign.

“With this commitment, FNH USA is solidifying itself as a leader in proactive protection of recreational shooting opportunities on public land,” said Lori McCullough, Tread Lightly! executive director. “Their sponsorship will go a long way towards furthering Tread Lightly!’s cause to protect and enhance recreation access and opportunities by promoting outdoor ethics to heighten individuals’ sense of good stewardship.”

The “Respected Access Is Open Access” educational outreach campaign includes public service advertisements, volunteerism, educational materials, training programs and other tactics. In addition to the public service message: “It’s Like Shooting Ourselves In The Foot!,” other themes include “Stop Trigger Trash,” “Ironic or Moronic?”, “Really? Seriously?”, “Don’t Trash The Tradition” and “Don’t Leave Your Home On The Range!”

Shooting Ethics

In addition to its partnership with Tread Lightly!, FNH USA sponsored “Save Recreational Shooting in Arizona” in April. Cohosted by Tread Lightly! and the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the event helped raise awareness about recreational shooting ethics. It also raised money to support a special project aiming to keep Arizona’s Sonoran Desert National Monument open to recreational shooters.

The pilot project plans to keep at least 500,000 acres of desert landscape open to recreational shooting and will likely be expanded throughout the country.

Visit www.fnhusa.com, www.treadlightly.org


Target Your Market With Tactical Gear Distributors

Firearm retailers, Tactical Gear Distributors (TGD) wants to help you better reach your targeted market through the company’s Tactical Gear Distribution Tactical Zone Program.

The program features customizable annual e-catalogs, quarterly e-flyers and periodic e-blasts. TGD says the feature-packed program “provides thousands of dollars of marketing tools to build sales.”

The premade marketing pieces offer continuity but flexibility to adjust to the consumer’s changing demands. Each component of a campaign can be customized with the retailer’s logo and contact information, as well as pricing within e-blasts.

Displays are available from: Magpul, TAC SHIELD, Covert Threads, 5.11 Tactical, BLACKHAWK! and many more.
To learn more about the program and become a Tactical Gear Distributors dealer, visit www.tacticalgeardistributors.com.


MOJO Outdoors Introduces Waterfowl App

To meet consumers’ ever-growing demand for instant information, MOJO Outdoors announces the release of a new hunting tool to meet all of your customers’ needs in the field. The MOJO Waterfowl Ops GPS app features nautical charts, calls and IDs, off-the-grid GPS and a shot alarm. The new app is designed with waterfowl hunters in mind and is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

At $9.99, Waterfowl Ops GPS is cheaper than a box of shells. MOJO also offers a “Lite” version of the app, which is free.
Other major features of the app include:
• MOJO Duck Identification
• MOJO Waterfowl Mapping
• MOJO Weather Pro
• MOJO Auto-Journal
• U.S. Migratory Bird Regulations
• MOJO Sharing
• MOJO Connect
• MOJO Support

Visit www.mojooutdoors.com to download the app.

NSSF: Don’t Cause Wildfires!

The NSSF’s new message to firearms owners is straightforward: “Wildfires have many causes — don’t be one of them!”
NSSF is asking shooters and hunters to do their part to help prevent wildfires. According to a new federal study, the cost of fighting wildfires will increase this year by nearly $500 million, bringing the annual total to $1.8 billion.
The message: Prevention has never been more important. NSSF has created a poster and an audio PSA to spread awareness about rules, regulations and fire-danger levels before going shooting.

NSSF reminds firearm owners to minimize the risk of fire by:
• Not using ammunition that is steel-jacketed or contains steel-core components
• Not using tracer rounds or exploding targets
• Remembering a vehicle’s or ATV’s hot exhaust pipes could ignite a fire
• Properly extinguishing campfires
For more information, and to download the NSSF poster and the MP3 public service announcement, visit www.nssf.org/education/preventwildfires.cfm.


Taurus’ solution to surviving a catastrophe is the company’s new “The First 24” Judge Kit. The emergency survival tool, produced in partnership with AIMPRO Tactical, is designed to help everyone through the first 24 hours of a disaster.

“Today is a day of uncertainty. Having a plan and being prepared is essential for surviving any type of situation. No one can predict when a disaster will happen,” a Taurus rep explains. “One thing is for sure, and that is Taurus’ First 24 Judge kit will be there and do what it’s intended to do.”

The small but robust emergency kit contains an impressive array of survival tools:
• Taurus Judge .45 Colt/.410, with Hogue Mono-grip
• AIMPRO Tactical Enhancement Package
• Bianchi Speed Strips
• CRKT Sting Knife
• Brite-Strike EPLI and APALS
• Zippo Fire Starter Kit
• Suunto Compass
• Energizer Batteries
• SlimLine Caddy For Batteries
• 550 Paracord Bundle

Visit www.taurususa.com
By Taylor Smithfield

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