Finally, a Deluxe Firearms Stippling Kit

My gun stippling kit consists of an old soldering iron and a sanding block. I have one tip in the end of the soldering iron, a simple round point which, when smoking hot, does a great job of … melting solder to join two wires.

Used for a stippling job on a gun, it leaves a 1mm dimple in plastic, provided I don’t push too hard. If I do, I can get a 2mm or 3mm wide dimple. Or I may push right through the plastic and create a hole. The sanding block? That’s for smoothing down all the rough or sharp spots. And there are plenty!

Creating a decent stippled pattern on a gun frame or stock depends on however steady I am (or am not) — a freehand artistic enterprise if there ever was one. Despite the inferior kit and my skills, the results are actually a not-half-bad stippling job, as long as I like a tentacled look…


Today, thankfully, better tools exist to stipple guns if you’re inclined to do it yourself (standard disclaimers apply). Enter the Deluxe Firearms Stippling Kit from Oregon Trail Defense, kit designed for enterprising stipplers — maybe you?


Here’s what you get in the kit:

  • UL listed 25-wat wood burner
  • Two 20LPI Waffle Tips
  • 20LPI Finish Tip
  • 12LPI Waffle Tip
  • 16LPI Waffle Tip
  • Diamond Tip
  • Wagon Wheel Tip
  • X Tip
  • Small Round Tip
  • Large Round Tip
  • Rectangle Tip
  • Chisel Tips
  • Hard Plastic Case

FMGtipsflag2873 (1)

And here’s what you get when you use the right tools with a little bit of skill:



The Oregon Trail Defense Deluxe Firearms Stippling Kit is available at and

— Mark Kakkuri

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