FFL Design Introduces Dealer-To-Dealer Portal

In support of dealers, FFL Design has introduced Dealer Exchange: a wholesale e-commerce platform exclusively focused on the industry. This platform provides member dealers an opportunity to list in-stock inventory, overstocked items and hard-to-move items. A benefit for dealers: There are no monthly fees, recurring fees or setup fees associated with Dealer Exchange.

In each transaction, the listing dealer (seller) posts in-stock items to FFL Design’s vArmory through their Dealer Exchange administration portal. Once the product is listed, the searching dealer (buyer) can view an image of the product, description and its price. The buyer can’t see information about the selling dealer unitl the item has been purchased. Once the purchase is complete, both buyer and seller receive information on the transaction, including the name of the FFL holder.

This is FFL Design’s third product launch: the company introduced vArmory at the 2015 SHOT Show, while Dealer Direct — which allows manufacturers to list their products for sale, directly on the vArmory platform — was launched at the 2016 SHOT Show.

Visit www.ffldesign.com


Financing Your Way Partners With AcuSport

Financing Your Way has announced a partnership with AcuSport Corporation. This partnership was formed as part of AcuSport’s CustomerLink suite of service and solutions. Financing Your Way has become AcuSport’s preferred consumer financial service provider for its independent dealers. Both companies have announced they’re “equally committed to the success of each retailer’s financing program.”

“It’s an unbelievable partnership, and we’re very excited,” said Brad Parker, Financing Your Way managing partner. “We aim to find proper lenders across the country, so firearm retailers can offer their customers the best financing options. Through financing, retailers can expect to see increased sales, increased average ticket size, a newfound competitive edge and an empowered staff.”

Since the formation of the partnership, retailers are already seeing notable success with financing, according to a company press release. As a result, Financing Your Way has launched another lender with a 2 percent merchant rate.

For those who aren’t familiar with Financing Your Way, the company says it “takes the headache out of building your business’s financing program.” Through established partnerships with financial lenders across the U.S., Financing Your Way is “able to able to pair your business with the right lenders.” The company currently offers single and multiple lender platforms, as well as customizable in-store financing options.

Visit www.financingyourway.com, www.acusport.com


New Book Explains, Simplifies Firearm Laws

Firearm laws can prove to be difficult to follow, especially with multiple codes, regulations and rules; and are often complicated to understand. Attorney Gary B. Wells published the first volume in his Firearm Laws for Businesses & Their Customers series in an effort to break down and explain firearm laws for industry professionals. This book discusses when an item becomes a firearm, which has become increasingly important in light of the popular, partially completed receivers. In addition, it provides details on prohibited persons; locations where firearms are prohibited; the transportation and transfers of firearms by those with FFLs and without.

Firearm Laws for Businesses & Their Customers also explains laws and requirements for obtaining and maintaining federal firearm licenses, whether as a dealer, gunsmith, collector, importer or a manufacturer. While the emphasis of the book is to prevent violations of the law, criminal and civil penalties are explained, including firearm seizures and forfeitures.

A comprehensive resource, the main text of the book is 599 pages. It includes a 29-page table of contents to help easily navigate the federal firearm laws based on the specific information or task being researched.

Visit www.firearmslaw.attorney

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