Exclusive: VZ Grips G10 Daggers…

Clandestine Protection

By Tank Hoover

Three models/lengths are available. From shortest to longest: the Discrete, the Executive and the Don.

You’re totally aware of your surroundings and know dangerous degenerates are sniffing out their next victim. Society is full of these predators! It’s why we carry everyday, to thwart any attacks on us, or our families, as we should. Yet some establishments naïvely ignore or deny these threats, making us more vulnerable.

“Gun free zones” complete with “walk through” metal detectors make carrying our gun(s) or favorite knife impossible, yet we still want the edge, should things go wrong … Get the point?

If you’re like me, I know you do, and I’m going to tell you about a product capable of surreptitiously slipping through security, yet stout enough to inflict serious impairment to those looking to harm us.

A cross section of the pressure treated 2-by-10 Tank split during his torture test.

VZ has a variety of daggers and sheaths for everyone’s taste.

VZ Grips G10 Daggers

G10 Daggers are strong and durable. Machined to a penetrating needlepoint and geometrically shaped for deep-reaching penetration, complete with opposing blood grooves, this “high-tech” primitive weapon will surely deter the most hardened of criminals when used proficiently. Crude, but effective, daggers are deadly!

G10 consists of a fiberglass, glass composite weave, is sharp to the touch and has a tensile strength higher than steel. It is the perfect material to machine into a clandestine edged-weapon capable of inflicting serious harm, should the need arise and slip silently through security checkpoints.
Three stylish machined patterns are available providing a positive, secure grip, even when wet.

Available in the 5 ¾” Discrete model, 7 ¾” Executive or the longer reaching, deepest penetrating 8″ Don model, VZ has the right style and size for anyone. Leather sheaths are also available for easier carry/concealment. They can be worn on the belt, strapped onto a leg or arm, or simply carried in a purse or pocket.

Sheaths come with belt loops for conventional carry or handy tie-down holes for added versatility.

Tank Torture Test

I had no problem pounding the smaller Discrete model completely through a piece of pressure-treated 2-by-10 board with four whacks of a ball-peen hammer. Once penetration was complete, the board simply split in two. While the needlepoint was dulled during this harshest of tests, it was still pointed enough to be considered a weapon capable of penetration.

Basic Tool

During difficult times we all do what is necessary to keep our families and ourselves safe. Better to have and not need, than need and not have. Check your local laws to see if you can carry the G10 Daggers in your jurisdiction.

VZ Grips G10 daggers make a great addition to any bug out bag, concealed/clandestine carry or just a handy “tool” with 1,001 uses from opening letters to removing a splinter.

The G10 daggers have an MSRP of $70 plus $10 for sheath. For more info, https://americanhandgunner.com/company/vz-grips/; VZ Grips, Ph: (850) 422-1911.

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