Exclusive: Say “Hello” To Lyman’s New Brass Smith All-American 8-turret Press

By Dave Workman

If you like volume reloading, you’re going to love the rugged new Brass Smith All-American 8-turret press from Lyman officially unveiled at the recent 2018 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas.

Finished in Lyman’s traditional orange powder coat, this new press is a serious tool with 8 die stations in the removable turret, which comes off quickly by removing the turret bolt. According to Lyman literature, it took the company years to design this model, and one look shows they’ve done a good job. Best of all, this press is built entirely in the USA.

Built with a heavy cast iron frame, the Brass Smith All-American features a newly designed straight line primer feed, and the turret head is threaded to accept all standard 7/8-inch x 14 thread dies. It also accepts all standard shell holders.

Because it has 8 die stations, the press can hold two complete 4-die sets or up to four 2-die sets. The 1-inch diameter ram glides through the frame, and the press is designed with compound linkage. It can be used by right- or left-hand users: The ball handle shifts from one side of the press to the other. Lyman designed this press to handle very long rifle cartridges, so no job is too challenging.

A word about the straight-line primer feed. All the user needs to do is push the primer arm forward at the bottom of the ram when it is down. There’s a spring on the plunger so it retracts after feeding a single primer into position beneath the shell holder. A steel shield protects the primer tube, and the press comes with both large and small primer tubes.

Having used a Lyman Turbo tumbler over the years, along with an electronic scale, various die sets and a Universal case trimmer, I expect this Brass Smith All-American turret press to deliver years of service. Lyman simply produces good equipment, and this company has a bunch of it—everything from reloading kits to bullet molds.

Now, anybody who buys one of these presses is going to need a robust loading bench. It weighs 23 pounds, so you’re going to be able to put some muscle to the new Lyman turret model and not have to worry about bending or breaking anything.

With an MSRP of $249.95, the active reloader is going to get his or her money’s worth. For more info: www.gunsmagazine.com/company/lyman-products-corp

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