Exclusive: SAR USA SAR9

By Tank Hoover

I’ll bet you’re asking yourself, “Who the heck is SAR USA and why is Tank talking about a foreign gun?” Well … at American Handgunner, we like to let our readers know what products are out “there” and if you’re lucky, inform you on something new, in an entertaining, non-boring way. You just never know what may tickle your funny bone, gun wise, eh?

“Wow! I didn’t know they made those! I want one! Now!” You know the feeling …

With this being Thanksgiving, it’s only natural to do an Exclusive on a gun manufactured in Turkey.


With a history long in weapon design and development, Sarsilmaz started producing guns in 1880 in Istanbul, Turkey. Today, they produce thousands of firearms yearly from their one million square-foot plant. They are the sole provider of duty sidearms for the Turkish army, NATO’s second largest force. The SAR9 is now the issued pistol of the Turkish armed forces.


SAR USA recently started importing the SAR9 for us good ol’ American shooting enthusiasts. Aren’t they nice to do that for us?

The SAR9 is a polymer framed, striker-fired, semi-auto pistol described by SAR USA as having a “patented double-action style trigger that is pounds lighter than traditional double actions.” The SAR 9 trigger stroke is about .300″ long, before striker let-off.

The ergonomic polymer grip-frame fills the hand and the generous magazine-well assists in magazine insertion during competition and high stress situations.

Its low-profile design transfers recoil straight back into the hand keeping muzzle rise to a minimum for fast follow-up shots.

The black matte finish alloy slide sports steel three-dot sights and a 4.4″ barrel. The barrel rifling is compatible for shooting cast bullets, a big plus for guys like me!

The SAR9 measures 7.5″ in length and 5.5″ in height and is 1.4″ thick. It weighs of 27 oz. The SAR9 has an integrated trigger safety and ambidextrous thumb safeties. Models without thumb safeties are also available, as well as stainless matte models.

Lastly, the SAR 9 ships with two 17-round magazines. The MSRP for the SAR9 is $449.

SAR USA touts their SAR9 as being “lightweight, accurate and reliable … Having all the features serious handgunners expect in a top-end 9mm pistol, except the frightening price tag.”

So if you’re looking for a reasonably priced shell-shuckin’ 9mm for home/personal defense, competition or just plain old plinkin’, the SAR 9 sounds good to me!

For further information, go to: www.americanhandgunner.com/company/sar-arms

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